Today was my last session of circle school. I am incredibly grateful for the experience this has brought into my life of being listened to unconditionally without anyone feeling the need to fix me, give me advice and without judgment. Before I experienced this, I would have said “What happens in those circles then? Sounds to me like nothing much is happening there.”

From first experience (so glad my guides plunged me into this experience), I need to disagree. Circles facilitate alchemy and today’s session exemplified this. We were given five minutes to share how we felt. This does not seem like a long time. Five minutes. Let me tell you that some of us ran out of speed before the end of those five minutes. Not me though. I made full advantage of it. I had so much to offload.

So often we repress our emotions, and where more than in business. We want to appear professional. Emotions are not welcomed in the business world, unless it is to celebrate success. But some days you feel cranky. Some days you want to give up. Or you are presented with an issue you have no idea how to deal with. Today was one of those days and I was so glad I had a session in circle happening at the perfect time. I was able to go deep into the emotion. I was able to talk without being interrupted for a whole five minutes. And believe me five minutes can initially feel daunting. And thanks to this beautiful process, I was able to explore all the range of feelings that were bubbling inside of me as well as the old records of my limiting belief. I was able to get it all out and to let it go.

No one was phased. No one suffered. No one tried to stop me and this gave me the space to explore the discomfort. This is a gift that is rarely offered in business. And at the end of it, I know that I have all the answers within me. I know that I will work this out. I know that I will not give up on my business. Thanks to this space.

Circle is not therapy. It is a space where we practice listening, however. One at a time. We listen not to give advice or in anticipation of getting our turn. We listen because the people in that circle bring up things that are probably happening in our lives right now and it is good to hear that we are not the only ones. Or maybe it is slightly different from them and we are shown a different perspective. Either way, we leave richer than we came.

Circles enable you to see your own strength. Your own wisdom. And how you don’t need anyone’s approval or guidance. You have it all in you. I am still to explore that truth and let it sink in, but I am glad it was exposed this morning. It has made me a stronger person. A person that reflects. That goes deep. And because to his, I feel the path unfolding in front of me will be more meaningful.  Circles also enables you to see that others have similar struggles to you. To be seen. It is sometimes damn hard to be in business. It pushes you. Stretches you. Makes it about you. It’s great not to have to do this journey alone. To be able to share with like minded people what the journey feels like. And to go within to find the answers. Or just sit with the discomfort until you can see a way.

If you would like to join one of my circles, why not reach out to me through my Facebook page. The investment is £200 for four weeks. My Soul Slimming ircle starts on Monday the 21st January 2019. It is centered around issues of visiblity in business linked to body image and weight. To find out more about it, click here.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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