in 2008, I joined my first slimming club. I had been trying to shake the baby fat after the birth of my third baby and was still nowhere near where I wanted to be. What worked for the first baby fat and the second baby fat seemed to get me nowhere. I felt so ashamed to have to get that low and to lack the will power to slim.

I was wrong to beat myself up. I learnt that the problem was not that I lacked will power, the problem was that I did not eat enough. That was my biggest take away from attending the club. And I did loose a stone (approximately seven kilos), which did great for my self esteem, but after the initial loss, I plateaued. And when I left the slimming club I put it all back on within two years. And this is typical of all diets. You lose weight quickly to start with, then come to a plateau and if you are unlucky (80% of people do so maybe it has nothing to do with luck) you will put everything back on within two years, or if you are extra unlucky you end up heavier than you were initially. These are the sad statistics and the reason why the US market of the idea industry has $66 billions in 2017.

My frustration with that slimming club was two fold:

  • what they taught me was an effort because it did not address the causes of why my body wanted to be fat so I was constantly at war with my cravings
  •  they only catered (pun not intended) for the physical aspects of slimming and never looked or explored the psychology of slimming and the mindset

I had to find my own way. And this was how my book the Journey of the Slim Soul was born.

Reading a book is often not enough. We take the information in but then it stays as that: useful information. I did run a slimming club in 2009 with great results (one of these women was well into her seventies so no one gets to blame the menopause in my world). But today, I have changed my mind about slimming clubs. Including my own. And for this reason, I have decided to launch a Soul Slimming Circle.

How does my Soul Slimming Circle differ from a slimming club:

  • The circle will run for only four sessions (if you want to continue to work with me after the circle is finished, you can book a one on one session with me)
  • My Slimming Circle will be closed, which means it is open to eight ladies only and once we start the circle no new participants can join
  • Circles have an intent: my intention is that the circle will help the women who join it get at the root of their weight issues and find a permanent way to get the body that they want
  • Circles are sacred spaces: where women (some are for men and some mixed but mine is for women only) meet to be heard, supported and where they can reclaim their power around their body image and weight (this is something that lacks abysmally in slimming clubs: no offence meant)
  • Circles have guidelines to ensure that the participants know what is acceptable and not acceptable as a behaviour and how to make sure they share in a way that feels safe and appropriate. If you would like to read my guidelines for this circle, click here.
  • Circles usually include an opening meditation and the one I intend to use for my circle is one that will help you reconnect with your body
  • Circles are not group therapy sessions but they offer a much deeper insight into what is going on because they invite us to go within to find all the answer

I don’t know if you agree but that is an incredibly powerful gathering. If you would like to join me and eight incredible women for my January Soul Slimming Circle, we start on the 21st of January at 100 am UK time and the circle will run for four weeks.

If you have missed the start of the circle but you would like one to one support in the meantime, you can book a session with me here. If you would like to be informed when my book the Journey of the Slim Soul, a holistic approach to slimming without dieting, scales or exercise, is available on Kindle, click here

Have a wonderful day.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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