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Last week in a very spontaneous interview on Facebook my page, I went on a live coaching video with Stephanie Kakris on how to manifest a dream agent. It was epic. Stephanie is an expert at the law of attraction and we went into the future to find my agent then bring her back into my now.

This is all very well, but why would I want an agent? Why would anyone want one? A lot of authors think that agents are unnecessary and that they are better off either self publishing or pitching directly to publishers. Maybe it works for them but here is why I am looking for an agent.

First of all, I want one of my books to be published traditionally so that it can have a bigger impact than the one I would have if I published it myself. I could very well publish it myself but traditional publishers, especially the big ones, have an expertise and a reach that a single author will never have. They have years of expertise at launching books, distribution channels that are well oiled and whole teams dedicated to make books a success.

In this context, having an agent can help me find the best publishers rather than just finding a publisher and I believe that paying someone to give your book the best chances of getting published is money well spent.

So now that I have established why I want an agent how do I manifest a dream agent. There are two aspects to this. The first one is building my profile as an author. What is often called a platform. This requires having a website, a social media presence and a mailing list. This is important regardless of whether we want to be self published or traditionally published and will be the calling card that attracts to us a traditional publisher. Our visibility.

Next I need to have worked on any conflicting feelings I may have about getting a book deal. For most authors, the issue is visibility and a fear of success. This might sound crazy but a lot of authors I know would rather lock themselves away in their den and write than having to face readers, interviewers and generally people who might demand things of them. If your dream is to become a published author but you feel resistance in being in the public light, then your first job is to clear that as soon as you can.

Last, you need to write a good pitch for your book. That involves having a good book to pitch and being crystal clear what your book is about. This is not as common as what people think. I know authors who have tried to cram too many books into one. Or who have wanted to pitch their books too early into the writing process (me!). Writing a good book takes time and the support of good professionals. Cutting corners will not work. Everyone thinks they can write a book. People who write good books are the ones who are willing to receive feedback about their babies and take it on board without sulking. I remember the time when I received the first critique of my novel, I curled up in a ball and licked my wounds for weeks. It is only when I was willing to take on board what the critique said to me that my book got a fair chance of becoming better.

Here is the video we did with Stephanie, I hope it inspires you.

To your writing,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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