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The short answer is absolutely not.

Let me elaborate. I have had countless readings where I already knew the guidance I received. Were they a waste of money? No. The reason is that all of us are intuitive, but very few of us listen to our intuition. And the reason why very few of us listen to our intuition is that we are not trained in the intuitive arts. Because of that we favour the logical mind over the intuitive mind.

In truth they could work beautifully hand in hand. It is such a pity that this is not part of the school curriculum.

If it was part of the curriculum (and as a home educator it is on my children’s curriculum), you would know that the ego mind speaks loudly but that intuition only whispers. You would know that the reason intuition’s voice is so quiet is that your free will is always respected. Your guides and angels do not want to override your free will. The other reason is that if we heard it loud and clear it would probably spook us and our guides never want to freak us out. I don’t know about you but my biggest hurdle to developing my intuition is that I do not want to see or hear dead people. And I used to be afraid that if I opened the doors to my intuition, then I opened the door to everything and everyone barging in. This is not true. You can absolutely decide that your intuition will work with only the guides and angels of the highest vibration (that usually cuts out a lot of departed loved ones).

It is a wonderful thing if you receive confirmation of your deepest intuition in a session with an intuitive. It is validation that you knew all along. This should be a reason to rejoice and perhaps to want to pursue honing that skill. Intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it AND ACT ON IT, the better it gets. Sorry for screaming but the acting on it part is so crucial and yet it is ignored by most. And the reason is that the logical mind will usually destroy an intuitive hit within five seconds of receiving it. That is the way the reptile brain works. It is so afraid of that intuition of yours even if intuition is incredibly safe. I saved my life thanks to my intuition. I was heading for the venue of one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Paris in the 80s when I suddenly changed my plans. By the time I walked out of the metro, there were sirens tearing the air apart on their way to the scene. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that had I not listened to my intuition, I would be dead by now. And there was a time when I ignored my intuition and I ended up being mugged. Nothing serious but enough to be traumatised.

Do you listen to your intuition? Would you like to learn to trust it and hear it better? That is something I teach my VIP clients. If you would like to work with me as a VIP, please feel free to book yourself in through my online calendar. This booking link is only for people who know they want to work with me and want to hear the details of my VIP offer. I do not offer free introductory readings. Thank you for your understanding.

I cannot wait to see you thrive.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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