A week ago, I pitched a blog post to a fellow female entrepreneur who was looking for original guest bloggers. I could have written my usual spiel about how you can connect to the energy of your business to take a short cut to success but instead, I decided to write a blog post about how weight can actually make us invisible in business.

Before I dived into the post, I decided to do a little research as I was sure that being overweight carried a huge bias in business. I found an article on Forbes that blew my mind and sadly confirmed what my intuition had been telling me: there is an enormous bias towards overweight women in business. To be blunt, it is actually discrimination.

As if the Universe wanted to reinforce my findings, my step daughter who has had some serious health issues and how had to take some medication that have as a side effect weight gain, shared with me last week that she has noticed that people treat her differently at work now that they see her as overweight. People who have known her for years in her job. She reported people talking over her. And generally not listening to her even though she is a highly articulated graduate from a prestigious university. I was appalled.

This discrimination bleeds into all other parts of society, but I had read an article a while ago that explains how it affects the level of salary that you are paid. Why? Because overweight women (not men) are perceived as lacking will power, being lazy and it gets worse. I could launch into one of those feminist campaigns against the bias and maybe one day I will, but right now I want to help you in your business.

n the 6th of November (my birthday), I started a 100 day journey to go down two dress sizes. Then last week, I wrote the blog post. Only after I finished writing my piece did everything click together. In 2009, I wrote and published my first book called the Journey of the Slim Soul. A book about slimming without dieting, scales or strenuous exercise. I am writing the sequel of this book that will be called the Pleasure Diet. What I had not realised is that this part of my work was actually still valid within my business focus. When I run a successful slimming club in 2009, I worked with housewives and employees. Not with entrepreneurs or people higher up in business, but now that I do, I can see how my understanding of the mechanism of why we put on weight and how to shift the weight are so beneficial to my offering as a business strategist. Wonder how?

You can use as many business strategies as you want, if you have a weight issue you will be putting an invisible cloak on yourself and no one will notice. Has it happened to you? I am not saying it happens to everyone who has body confidence issues but it happens to a lot of us. And I want to help those of you who want help. What sparked me to get on my 100 day goal of losing two sizes dress is that I am about to publish my memoir and my weight has always been an issue for me around visibility. I am ok posting carefully curated photos of me (mostly selfies) on my page and my website, but to stand on stage in front of people or walk into a TV studio, and I freeze at the thought. That is creating an invisibility cape around me that could even render my manuscript invisible in the slush pile of an agent, because energy does not lie.

Maybe you have not written that best seller yet, but your weight could throw an invisibility cloak over your online offers or maybe around your applications to public speaking engagements. Have you ever wondered why, even though you are an extremely qualified professional, you simply cannot seem to get a speaking engagement? You could be the one holding back even if it seems that it is others who reject you.

I can help you with this. Not only did I write a book about it, I am now offering special akashic records session where we will dive into the root cause of your weight. They could be emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual (karmic). In one session, I can nail your weight problem and offer three strategies that, if implemented consistently, can help you lose weight easily and nearly effortlessly. I might have to do a healing on you and possibly remove some energetic cords, but believe me, it will be all worth it. You will never have to use will power to lose weight again.

Does that sound good to you? If so, why not book a weight akashic record session with me here. The investment is £167 for one hour.

In the meantime, I cannot wait to see you thrive,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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