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Business Akashic Records readings often show you a picture that is magnificent but what if what you see overwhelms you?

This has happened to several of my clients. Most of us play small. We like to think we make a difference but if the Universe came knocking on our door and said you are supposed to create a revolution in the banking system, we would do what this little boy is doing on the sofa: hide. This has actually happened to one of my clients in real life. I did see her as creating a bank of the future that would be of a much higher calibre than most existing banks today and which would set a new standard. This was about three years ago and sadly she has done nothing to implement that vision. It’s ok. I understand that these big visions can feel too scary.

I was shown that I was here to create a new way to school our children. On the back of that, my guides insisted that I home educate my younger two kids. This terrified me. I didn’t think I had it in me. I have no training as a teacher, but they said “All the better”. I know better than to resist the guidance that my guides gift me with so I gave in. I have never looked back but I still have the occasional wobble when I wonder if I have made the right choice. And I still don’t know how little me is supposed to create this change on a massive scale. I know, however, that my guides will show me the way.

What about you? Do you speak to your business guides? If you don’t and wish you could see the bigger picture of your business, then my Business Akashic records readings are for you. In one hour, I can connect you to your purpose and the purpose of your business.

My experience, however, is that if you book only one session, that big vision might remain a dream, and not a reality. This is why I love working with clients on a VIP package of three months. The investment at the date of this blog post is £1,370 for eight sessions. The first month, we speak weekly so that we can set up the ground work. Depending of whether you hire me as a book coach or a business coach (it can be both as my latest clients have done), we will work on clarifying your vision and your strategy and I will teach you all the tools I know that allow you to function from a higher perspective. I have been learning and practising my skills as an intuitive and healer for now well over ten years (twelve to be precise) and these tools are incredibly useful in business. The reason for this is that your business is an energy entity of its own. Sometimes in order to connect to the energy of your business, you need to understand more about energy. Very often, this involved doing healing. I do not hold back. I teach my clients everything I know. At this stage, this is done in my VIP packages. I do not teach groups.

If you are interested in becoming one of my VIPs (I only have four spots available at all times), click here to book a twenty minute call to discuss if it is right for you. These calls are not free sessions. They are what I say they are: an opportunity for us to know each other better and for you to ask questions about my packages and which one is most suited to you.

In the meantime, I cannot wait to see you thrive.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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