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When I was a corporate lawyer, my artist sister often irked me. We belonged to different world. I negotiated contracts that mattered. She gathered with her friends to find out what the colour orange felt like. I took pride in the fact that I lived in the real world. I had a stable job. She didn’t. In short, we lived in different world. For years, i resisted her world, even though there was a little girl in me who wanted to know what the colour orange felt like, but she had been shut down. Silenced.

I sneered at my sister until the day I realised I needed to follow her path. This reminds me of the story that Brenee Brown shared on her TED talk when she claimed she did not do emotions. I didn’t. And I can bet that the vast majority of my colleagues in the legal world did the same. As do investment bankers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, accountants and policemen. They have important jobs to do.

But what if, what we resist is what we need the most? What if all those professionals needed a safe space to come to in order to be vulnerable? Not pathetic. Just vulnerable. Open. Trusting. What if all those cynics could enter a sacred space where they could be real. Where they could talk about their fears with no one judging them? This is the power of sacred circles. If you had asked me what a circle was six months ago, I would have stared at you with a blank look on my face. Thankfully, synchronicity has made me sign up for Circle School a little over a month ago and I am not looking back. A sacred circle is a place where we can share stories, laugh, cry, explore our inner world, and no one judges us or offers advice. No one offers platitudes. How refreshing.

This is what I am creating now. I am launching the Inspired Business Circle and calling eight entrepreneurs who aspire to do business from a higher perspective. Entrepreneurs who don’t believe in competition or at least who are open to the idea that each business is so unique that we don’t need to resort to old style types of marketing techniques to “win” a client. Entrepreneurs who believe in cross fertilisation and who love hearing about new ways to do business. Entrepreneurs who realise that their resisting meditation might actually be a clue that it is the next step in their business. And last, but not least, entrepreneurs who have big dreams of changing the world, even if these dreams sometimes keeps them awake at night because they worry about they can make it happen.

If this is you, I invite you to reserve your spot in my circle. The investment is £200 for four weeks. We will hold weekly meetings on Monday mornings at 9 am UK time, starting on the 21st of January 2018. The circle is governed by guidelines. You can download them here to find out if they feel right for you. The intent for the Inspired Business Circle is to elevate business and business owners by integrating powerful spiritual techniques into their every day lives in their business. All sessions will be held in the energy of the akashic records. You can check what they are here.

To reserve your spot, click here.

I cannot wait to see you thrive.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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