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Meditation for writers. I have been wanting to write a meditation box set for writers for a long time, but then I can almost hear authors telling me “But meditation is a waste of time. I don’t have time for meditation.” So here is a little calculation I made about how much time meditation has saved me.

First of all, I want to quote an old Zen saying that goes like this: “You should meditate every day for twenty minutes. Unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” This quote cracks me up. And it is so true. I also have a bias. I learned meditation at a Zen dojo when I was pregnant with my second child in 1998 and I have developed a fondness for their attitude towards life. This does not mean by any means that I am Zen. Oh God no, but I aspire to be.

So my calculation went like this: suppose I had an output of 600 words per hour without meditation. With meditation I could nearly double that output and half the time it takes to write my first draft. As an average non fiction book is about 500,000, this means that instead of taking 83 hours, it will take me about 45. Wow. So if I write one hour per day after doing a fifteen minute meditation, it will take me only nine weeks to produce my first draft. I don’t know about you, but I want this. Actually that is not true, I already have this. In 2009, I wrote and published my first book The Journey Of the Slim Soul, in print, in six weeks. That is actually a lot quicker than what I am selling you right now. Not only that, the Journey of the Slim Soul signed me an agent. So just in case, you think I wrote a rubbish book, nothing is further from the truth. Every professional who read my book said they were impressed with its quality. I am all for quality, not speed so I felt the need to specify this. What is the point of writing a book fast if it is going to be substandard?

So how does it work? The biggest hurdle for authors is their inner critic, especially for their first draft. Meditation helps to silence the inner critic. How? This is where my background as a clinical hypnotherapist has actually help me understand this at a deeper level. And believe me, my inner critic is fierce. She rages at me on a regular basis. So much so, that I sometimes wonder how I managed to write and publish two books. By meditating on a regular basis, you train your inner critic by telling her who is the boss. You observe your thoughts instead of believing every though you have. You detach from the monkey mind. And boy, is that a blessing for us authors. Is has certainly been one for me. Not only that, meditating takes you into a part of the brain that is responsible for creative thinking. This means it helps you access the “Zone” quicker. How wonderful is that? And you cannot technically be in creative mode and inner critic mode at the same time. The more you train yourself to be in creative mode, the easier it becomes.

This is the reason why I have designed a box set of meditations for authors. And I am launching it on the 16th of July 2018. Aren’t you excited? Why am i the best person to launch this product? I have over ten years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, twenty years of experience as an author aaaaaaand, apparently I have a lovely voice. But don’t take my word for it. Sign up for my launch newsletter and you will be able to download one of the meditations for free. Here is the link, gorgeous. Yes, you are welcome. I am giving it for free because I wish someone had been selling this beauty twenty years back when I wrestled with my inner critic and agonised over every word I wrote. And I never want any author to go through this again.

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To your writing,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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