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Back in 2009, I didn’t love myself at all. I cried myself to sleep. I hid all the mirrors in the house. It took a turn for the worse when I visited my family back in France and was confronted with my closest cousins who were as slim as models. A few weeks after I returned and this self hate spoiled my entire life. So one night, I asked the angels for help. Nothing prepared me for what happened next. This is the story that i shared in this week’s podcast. The story of how I started running at 44 years young and how the angels then asked me to write a book about slimming.

Ten years on and I am celebrating the tenth anniversary of the publishing of the Journey of the slim soul as well as my birthday by organising a birthday giveaway around self love. I am giving away four prizes: a signed copy of my book, my self love kit, an M doll and a spot in the pilot run of the first eight weeks of the slim soul, my online programme to help female entrepreneurs transform their relationships to food and to their bodies. If you would like to take part, sign up for my slim soul newsletter here. Terms and conditions apply. You will receive them after your sign up. Taking part implies that you accept them. The competition/giveaway ends on Sunday 3rd of November 2019 at midnight BST (Greenwich). I will draw the winners on Monday the 4th of November. If you are interested to learn more about the first eight weeks of the slim soul, we start on Monday the 4th and the pilot round is only £55. To grab your spot, click here. Women only. The course will be run in a private Facebook group.

To your wellness and self love,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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