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We are rarely aware of how our clutter or unfinished businesses affect our energy but even if it is boxed away in an attic, it is there and it drains us. I was introduce to the art of Feng Shui in 2000 when my life was stuck on many levels. I had no idea that it was due to the shape of the apartment I had moved in with my husband whilst pregnant with our first son. I was presented with an opportunity to have a consultation with a Feng Shui master and my life radically changed for the better.

In this episode of my podcast, I share with you the story of that transformation and my top tips to tackle clutter. Here are the first five steps:

  1. Identify where clutter is (I offer a definition of what clutter is)
  2. Select one area that you will start with (desk, inbox, files…)
  3. Allocate 10 minutes every day
  4. Focus on one small thing at a time
  5. Use five boxes

I recommend reading Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. Even if you only read her book, it is so inspiring that I would be surprised if it did not motivate you to get stuck in your clutter. Declutter is incredibly powerful. Last week, I had a client enquiry within half an hour of me tackling my own clutter in my office. Have fun and don’t forget to come and share with me your results on my facebook page I can help you thrive.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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