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When I started off in business ten years ago, the only marketing model I knew was a loud and annoying one. It was the one I was on the receiving end of during my evening TV time, or when the door to door salesman came to interrupt my Saturday. I hated it. And of course, because of this when it came to market myself, I felt awkward, to say the least. It took me years to actually relax into the process. I now utterly enjoy the process and I am hoping to inspire you to do the same. So here are my five tips to soulful marketing (or how to avoid the mistakes that I made).

But first, what is marketing? I am not a marketing expert but to me it is the act of putting your offers in front of the people who want them. And if it is done well, they will say shut up and take my money. When this happens, it feels amazing.

Step 1: Find your niche

I am not saying niching is easy. In fact, I resisted it for so long, it was ridiculous. I was still in the mentality that I had to appeal to as many people as possible to get someone to work with me. Big mistake. As most messaging experts will tell you, if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. I have refining my niche (and am still working on it). The moment I actually embraced the process is when things started to shift in my business. I cannot recommend this process enough. Who is your ideal client? Male or female is your very first question. Mine is female. But I remember when I just started in business and said I wanted to work with women, well meaning friends told me I was restricting myself. Did they have businesses? No. I stuck with that anyway so you can imagine my relief when the first business mentor I came across worked only with women and was quite vocal about it. The second thing is to find out if they are employed or entrepreneurs. This is crucial (maybe not if you sell soap bars – but if you are reading this blog, I don’t expect you to) because entrepreneurs and people in jobs do not think the same way. The third aspect is whether they are married and have kids. This is going to be crucial for some, not all, entrepreneurs.

Niching is like creating a shop window. You might have many more items in the shop once people walk through the doors of your business, but if you have one clear purpose for your business, people know what they come for. This is essential because a confused client does not buy. When you niche, you attract to you the perfect client and believe me this is gold.

Step 2 – Speak to her in her own words

This is another BIG mistake I made when I started off as a clinical hypnotherapist ten years ago. I had a string of clients who came to me for slimming and I refused to talk about weight loss, when this is the language that they used. I was sabotaging my business by refusing to use their words. What is your ideal client googling right now? Mine is looking for business strategy, with a dash of spirituality but she does not know that there is someone out there like me. So I have to actually slot myself in the “business strategist” label so she can find me. But I am not just a business strategist. I work with women who want to make a difference with their business. So they would be using words like “serve”, “make a difference”, “help”, they might even call themselves heart centred.

Step 3 – Talk to her to find out how she sees her problem 

The market interview stage is also one I resisted with all my strength for the same reason I resisted sales. When I was in a job, the only time I was solicited for market interviews was in Paris or London’s streets by people holding clip boards. I avoided them at all cost. Doing market interviews has changed tremendously with the advent of social media. It is now easy to find people to interview as long as you define who they are well enough which brings us back niching (step 1).

Don’t worry that you might not have the perfect niche yet. Business is an experiment. You don’t have to have it right, right away. Give yourself permission to interview people who you decide afterwards you do not want to work with. I know for my part, I do not want to work with people who are professional psychics. This is not my niche. The people I want to work with are much lower on the woo-woo scale. They know they are natural intuitives and would like to learn how to ramp up intuition FOR THEIR OWN benefit, not the benefit of others.

Step 4 – Craft an offer that speaks to your ideal client

Once you know what words your ideal clients uses to describe the problem she wants to solve, use them in your offers. If she wants to lose weight to be able to feel less tired, then speak that problem. “Do you feel your weight is contributing to your lack of energy and would you like to change that?” Even with the example of slimming (or losing weight – depending on your ideal client), people want to slim for completely different reasons. Some want to do it for health. Others for looks. And so on. Speak her language and she will lap up your offer.

There is often a difference between your ideal client’s needs and what she wants but I won’t go into this for this blog post because it would warrant a post of its own. The gap, however, is important to understand.

Step 5 – Work on your vibe before you post you offer 

Make sure you feel as good as possible before you post your offer. If not, no one will see it. Energy does not lie so if you still feel horrible about the whole sales process, work on your mindset and your energy around this. You need to come to a place of feeling good about selling your offers. I often listen to really upbeat music before posting an offer. I will also skip a day if I am having a bad day rather than post an offer from a place of feeling really low. People do not need to know about energy to know that you are having a bad day. They will just think something is off and move on.

I hope this blog post was useful. If you would like some help with this, including the energetics side of it, I would love to help. I offer business akashic records session where I can help you find your niche, define your ideal client, and work on your energy so that your offers make the impact that they deserve. To book a session, click here. The investment is £187 for one hour.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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