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Today on the podcast I interviewed an inspiring woman who founded Circle School (TM). I have known Mitle Southey in the online world for well over two years and we met in person in London a couple of weeks ago. What I love about Mitle is that she is a woman of multi talents and that she, like me, is a reformed lawyer. This brings to our work a grounded attitude combined with a certain sense of humour. I remember having the best laughs with my colleagues back in the days where I worked in a law firm. Maybe it is the adrenaline we run on that makes us laugh harder than others. Who knows.

I signed up with Circle School online in September (and since then graduated) because I immediately saw the potential that circles have to change the business world. In this week’s podcast, Mitle and I had a sacred conversation around the magic of circles. Here is the gist of it:

  1. Circles differ from other types of gathering in that there is an intention for the gathering and the circle holder brings an element of sacredness.
  2. Circles break the mould of hierarchy and gather women (or men – or women and men) as peers hence giving each participant a sense of being heard and welcomed. Think about what that could do in the corporate world. Mitle and I discussed our vision that young graduates have a lot to bring to the corporate world, if only more senior members of staff could see them for what they bring.
  3. Circles operate according to clear guidelines that create a safe space where participants can share without risking receiving unsolicited (and unhelpful) advice or platitudes. Again, imagine how much time would be saved if each meeting had a clearly defined agenda with those beautifully structuring guidelines.
  4. Circles offer a space where we can be heard and seen without judgment.

This is only a summary of what we discussed with Mitle and I encourage you to listen to the episode in iTunes or here, so that you can benefit from the wealth of information that Mitle shared about her work. Mitle’s circle school online is starting today and she still has two spots available if you would like to join. These spots are reserved for women. Click here to find out more.

Mitle and I discussed the fact that men circles are also very powerful. If you are a man and are interested in finding more how circle can bring magic to your work, I invite you to check the following options (I do not know the work of these men so please make due enquiries and use your judgment when pursuing this information):

  • Craig White of Men without Masks: Craig is a men’s advocate and high-performance coach specialized in men’s social, psychological and physical wellbeing. You can find him on Facebook here.
  • Ed Gurowitz, of the Mankind Project, an incredible coach with a mission to create a new definition of manhood. Check his article here about the magic of men circles.
  • An interesting article written by Nick Arnold for the BBC website. Click here to read. Nick took part in a circle ran by Clive Selwyn, a coach for doctors, whose work is fascinating. Click here to find out more about Clive.

I hope you have loved learning about the power of circles. Please click on the player below if you want to listen to my sacred conversation with Mitle.

Until next time, I cannot wait to see you thrive,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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