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When you start in business, you look up to other entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors for inspiration and guidance. I compare it to parenting. You are brand new in the field and you want to make sure that your child grows healthy and strong. With so many experts out there, however, it can get incredibly confusing and this is the reason why I am a big contender of honing your intuitive skills. Just as with a new born baby, and later on your child, you are the expert of that baby. No one else is. The main reason is that you create your business to suit your needs, not the other way round. And so, you will build your business around how many hours a week you can work, your skills, your location, your language, etc.

In the podcast episode of today, I share my own journey into entrepreneurship and how my business has taken me in completely different directions. First as an artist, then a clinical hypnotherapist, then author. At one point I decided to branch into book coaching only to find out that my business wanted me to pivot again into business strategy and now we are back into the book coaching but within the business world. And just because I am focusing more on the book coaching aspect of my business, does not mean that I no longer offer business akashic records readings for clients. Exhausting. Right? This could come across as scatteredness, if I wasn’t tuned into my business’ energy.

Your business has its own journey. It will go down its own valleys and peaks, its own side roads and hopefully grow into something beautiful and nourishing for you. In today’s blog, however, I want to ask you: do you know what your business wants? Do you want to connect to its essence? And if you do, I encourage you to go on a date with it. Grab a pen and some paper and head for the nearest coffee shop. Sit down and pretend that your business is sat at the table with you and ask it questions. Where does it want to head next? Who is your business’ ideal client? What do you need to do to be more aligned to it? Don’t think about the answers. Just let them flow to you.

And if you would like some help in this respect, why not book a business akashic records session with me? The investment is £187 for one hour. Click here to book a one hour session.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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