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In today’s sacred conversation I interviewed Nicola Huelin of MPower about the specific journey mums go on when they start a business and how we need to honour that difference in order not to beat ourselves about the results that we get but also in order to avoid burning out.

Nicola and I had very similar stories around being incredibly successful career women who found themselves in an impossible bind where we were split between wanting to continue to be the top of our game as well as being the best mums we could be and finding that the corporate world simply did not allow for that to happen. She launched into entrepreneurship, and in a way, so did I albeit in a completely different route.

I have loved interviewing Nicola not only because her book the Invisible Revolution is packed with fabulous wisdom for mums who want to start their business, such as for example, how she sees the journey as starting inward before it can flourish outwards, but also because I was interested in her sharing about her journey of writing and publishing her book. I was not disappointed. Nicola has sworn to empower one million mums in business and she has taken herself out of her comfort zone to fulfil that pledge. She wrote a book when she felt that she was not a writer only to end up being listed by the independent as one of the top ten books about business written by women. What an accolade. And I can tell you, they knew what they were doing.

I loved her concept of the yin and yang of business, where the yang are the usual resources such a trademarks, brand and generally external resources, whereas the Yin are the inner resources which include intuition. Her book was music to my ears. Talking to her on the podcast was even more of a delight as she does talk quite a bit about following her intuition and how writing her book was a process where she felt the Universe (or her book) met her half way and gave her a lot of the information that she needed to write it. As this is something that I teach in my signature programme, Get Started with your book, as well as in my VIP programmes, you can only imagine how delighted I was to hear her words.

We talked about how writing and publishing her book has changed her, first and foremost, and how that, in turn, has transformed her business. We finished the interview with her MPower award, which, unlike other business awards, is an independently awarded recognition for mums in the first years of their business, as Nichola said, when they need it the most.

You can check Nicola’s website here. Her book is available on her website and on all the usual online book sellers. You have until the 30th of April to nominate yourself or a mum in business.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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