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Empathy and sensitivity and business are rarely associated and sadly it is not a trait that is truly valued in this context. Often, women in business toughen up to fit more into the masculine role model of business. I am not saying that empathy and sensitivity are an exclusive feminine attribute, but they do belong more in the female energy. As humans we both have masculine and feminine energies in different blends.

In this podcast episode and blog, I am hoping to empower people who are sensitive and empathic by showing them how their empathy and sensitivity can be a superpower rather than a curse. But first, what is an empath? It is someone who feels the energy of places, people and situation without necessarily knowing that they do. Everything is energy. The problem is that in our current model of society, people wear masks, situations are disguised which means that an empath will receive mixed signals and if they are not aware of what is happening, this can lead to confusion. They can also get easily tired because they will have a tendency to absorb people’s energies and not know how to release those energies because they might not even be aware that these are not theirs. I was one of those people, to the point of wondering at one point what was wrong with me because I seemed to be so moody.

The first step for a sensitive and empathic person is to learn about energy and establish a daily energy routine where they recall their energy and run through their energy body and cleanse and balance it. I explain how to do that in the podcast episode. Creating an energy routine and energy boundaries are extremely important. The second step is to realise that you will have a natural tendency to attract energy vampires so learn everything you can about how they function. I invite you to go listen to my podcast episode on the subject. It is actually THE most popular episode of my podcast by far.

In addition to this daily energy maintenance, here are my top tips:

  • lead as healthy a lifestyle as you can as you are more sensitive to the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle than others: Fresh food, plenty of sleep, movement and time outdoors in nature or in the company of plants
  • crystals can help and I would recommend rainbow obsidian but do trust your intuition, the crystal you want to buy will usually be the right one
  • empathy and sensitivity can be ramped up when we experience trauma or abuse, so if that is you, do the work to heal these experiences and to soothe your nervous system so that it becomes manageable again
  • have regular quiet time for contemplation or whether helps to recharge you (I love art)
  • learn about energy

About the last bullet, I have a self study course called Energy intelligence for empathic and sensitive entrepreneurs. The investment is £240 and I run it in a private facebook group. Reach out to me on my facebook page if you are interested to purchase it.

Enjoy being a sensitive and empathic entrepreneur. You are a superhero.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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