Memoir is not the obvious genre to build your business, yet I find that it can be incredibly powerful. In this interview with Isiah McKimmie, sexologist, sex and couple therapist and tantra teacher, we talk about her journey of writing her memoir and the things it changed for her.

Isiah always knew that she had a book in her and had tried to write it on her own but ended up shelving it. It was a memoir about the journey that led her to her current calling as a tantra teacher and sexologist. She wasn’t sure how to do it but had no idea that book coaches even existed. She put it off several times because she believed that her business was a bigger priority and she held the belief that writing a book would take her away from client work and damage her business on some level. This is a very common belief. What happened in reality turned out to be entirely different from what she expected.The benefits that she reaped by starting that book before she felt ready surprised her. And they became apparent long before she finished her first draft.

Benefit number 1: She had a peak into the bigger picture of her life and work

This in itself can be incredibly inspiring because let’s face it, there are days in business where we wonder why we are doing what we are doing. Days when everything seems to hard. By writing her memoir, Isiah was able to find a meaning to it all. Her why. And this helped her get over those hard days when she felt like giving up. The fact that I tuned into the akashic records of her business and her book enabled her to see where this book was leading and confirmed her most secret hopes. It was a beautiful moment full of tears and emotion. Like a coming home.

Benefit number 2: She welcomed structure in her life which boosted her creativity

She had this romantic idea that writers just sit at their desks and that the muse shows up and it all flows. She was surprised at the five weeks it took to work on the foundations of her writing journey but once these foundations were in place, her creativity was magnified because she had a container to pour all of her creative juices into.

Benefit number 3: It enabled to connect deeper with her audience and her clients

She started sharing about her memoir right away and it became an opportunity to connect with her audience and deepen that bond. She loved how everyone told her they could not wait to read her memoir. And of course, it helped her to connect the dots in her life which brought an even deeper sense of connection. Her entire life started to make sense.

Benefit number 4: She gained great clarity about her message

You don’t know what you know until you write about it. Writing a blog post or even doing a podcast episode is not enough. It is only when you write a proper book that you go deep enough into the exploration process to connect the dots. You don’t know how much you know until you write about it. This is something that actually happened to me when I wrote the journey of the slim soul. Writing her memoir brought more meaning into Isiah’s work and life.

Benefit number 5: The journey of writing her book has brought more juice to everything she does

This is one aspect that took Isiah by surprise. She expected to be tired by the journey of writing and it actually energised her. The reason is that she connected with the energy of her book, which is something I teach my clients, rather than write it from her head (which most mainstream authors tend to do). Books have energy of their own and tuning into that energy can actually be a source of vitality.

Benefit number 6: It boosted her business on all levels

One of the biggest surprises for Isiah was that actually her business was boosted by writing her memoir from the moment she committed to it. I personally believe it is because she finally said yes to her destiny and the Universe responded by bringing to her all the opportunities that were waiting for her. A lot of aspiring authors wait for the Universe to give them the assurances that everything will work out for them, and that the money will be there, to even get started. This is not how it works. At least not when you write a deeply transformational book. You have to commit first and then the benefits come. What most aspiring authors do not know is that they come right away, not just when the book is starting to sell. And I have to admit it surprised me too.

Benefit number 7: It boosted her confidence

There is a sense of achievement that comes from having written a book that will boost your self esteem and your confidence in ways no other journey will. To hold that book in your hands. To tell yourself “I did it”. And when this has happened as easily as possible, the victory is even sweeter.

To find out more about Isiah, please go visit her website. You can also find her on Facebook and on Instagram.

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