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In this week’s podcast episode Heather Robinson and I explored the powerful impact that planning can have in business for entrepreneurs. Planning has a myriad of benefits but if we had to boil it down to four, these would be the most powerful ones:

  1. Know what to do when you work on your business so you don’t waste spending time on activities that keep you busy rather than move the needle forward.
  2. Create boundaries that enable you to say no or not now so that you keep on track and progress your business in the way that you want.
  3. Help you to stay in your lane and refrain from comparing yourself to others.
  4. Set beautiful foundations for your business to grow healthily.

Heather also gave her top three tips to set goals. I knew our conversation would be powerful and exciting and it did not disappoint. It makes you wonder why people see planning as such a boring exercise when you can turn the whole concept on its head and see it for the beautiful manifestation tool, in true law of attraction fashion, by being clear on where you are heading and by making sure that this stays in your line of vision.

You can find Heather for more gorgeous tips on her Facebook page, Get accomplished with Heather.

You can listen to the podcast on the player below or in iTunes or stitcher. Enjoy!

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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