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Confession time. The biggest mistake I made as an author is to run right into publishing a book without building my audience at the same time and hope that my book would just sell.

What a mistake to make, as Manuel would say in Faulty Towers.

This mistake, however painful, was also a blessing for me as a book coach because it showed me what not to do.

In case you wonder why publishers take so long to go from signing a book deal to getting the book on the market is because they know that to sell a book takes strategy and a lot of pre-launch work. This is something I learnt far too late down the line as an author when I started to learn about business.

The Journey of the Slim Soul, my first published book, was a gorgeous book. It was written to professional standards even though it was written in a language that is not my native language and even though it only took me six weeks from the moment I started writing it to the moment I held the book in my hands. This was a phenomenal achievement. One that I have not repeated since. But it was not enough. I knew almost nothing about the online world. I am not even sure I was on social media. So I tried to sell my book through the traditional media, fairs and word of mouth. It worked painfully slowly and I never made any money on my first book.

I am in good company. Joanna Penn, the founder of the Creative Penn, retraces a similar experience in her career as an indie author. And if you want to know the truth, traditional publishers rarely make money on the first book they published with an author. I have learnt to not feel ashamed of this mistake in the past year or so. It held me back. And yet, why should I? I was learning the trade. I did not have a mentor or a coach. I did it alone.

You, on the other hand, are reading this blog and this means you could have access to mentoring from me. A mentoring programme that is enriched by the many mistakes that I have made. And this is more important than you think because once you self publish a book, if you cannot show a traditional publisher that it was a resounding success, your book is good for the shredder. They will not want to touch it and it might actually work against you rather than in your favour. And I really don’t want this to happen to you.

So if you are getting itchy feet about self publishing your book because you have just finished your third or fourth draft, think again. Hone your marketing strategy. Make sure you have an author page with enough of a following. Do your market research and act like a pro.

If you would like to book a session with me to discuss how I can help you on your book journey, click here. The investment is £187 and I draw on my rich experience as an author with now twenty years of experience as well as my psychic gifts which enable me to tune into the energy of your book.

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