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Art and generally creativity is not on the priority list of entrepreneurs. When you are in business, you have to look at your bottom line, your goals, your systems. Getting a brush and some paints is not on your to do list, and yet, Aesha Kennedy, a creativity coach on our podcast guest this week, is here to invite us to reassess this position.

Both Aesha and I come from the corporate world and have branched out after reaching a point of burn out. I can’t speak for Aesha, but the reason why I reached this burn out was because I felt split, as if I had to leave a big part of me out of the office. So even though I did mosaics after I put the kids to bed at night, I came to a point where I felt I no longer had a choice. I had to escape the prison of my job to reinvent myself. I don’t want this to happen to you. I want to help create a world where we can bring all of us to our work, whether we are in jobs or in our business.

There are five main benefits to pursuing a creative outlet. Let’s look at them.

Benefit #1: It brings a sense of calm

It is very easy to slip into a busy mode in business and to be constantly doing. In truth, there is no limit to what you can do and this shows in some traditional models of business where people derive a sense of worth from how hard they work and how late they leave the office at night. But there is a huge difference between being busy and being efficient and Aesha and I had this conversation where we wanted to emphasise that spending time pursuing a creative hobby can actually help you bring more calm into your life, with the wonderful side benefit of getting more clarity around your business.

Benefit #2: it brings you back into your body

We live so much of our days in our heads, but we can’t really function if we don’t fully embrace our bodies. Doing something creative, especially if it involves your hands, will help you being fully present and by being fully present, you bring more of yourself into everything you do. It’s about presence. Presence is incredibly important to actually make things happen. There is a false premise that multitasking is more efficient than focusing on one thing at a time. True productivity involves diving deep into a process. Creative pursuits can help you gain that depth.

Benefit #3: it helps you process emotions

As much as we would like to think that once we enter our business or the corporate world, emotions do not play a role in our work, we are deluding ourselves. We are emotional beings and we need time to process those emotions to be able to clear them. There is no use pretending that they are not here. Engaging in a creative activity can help processing those emotions at a subconscious level so we can function again in our businesses. It is a much healthier way to deal with our emotions than just keeping busy so we can avoid them.

Benefit #4: it increase your intuition

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs explain the role that intuition has played in their success. It is much quicker to hone your intuition by doing something creative than by sitting in a lotus position. Besides, meditating in this way is not for everyone. With Aesha, we explored different ways in which we can weave creativity into our lives without having to carve out any more time out of our busy schedules. This can be done with chores, but also exercising (as long as it is not in a room full of people with pop musing blasting in the background).

Benefit #5: it helps you connect to something bigger

Aesha and I talked about how a lot of very talented artists, inventors and entrepreneurs tune into something bigger than them without realising that they do. This connection is the difference between a business that pays the bills and a business that inspires and changes the lives of not only their owners but everyone who comes in contact with them. Spending regular time in creative activities can help function at this soul level.

Please listen to the full recording of our sacred conversation for more ahas on the subject of creativity in business. We want you to reach your full potential without you having to leave a job that you love. Although I did not mention this in the episode, I remember that the most brilliant lawyers that I worked with, including law firm partners, were incredibly creative. One of them was even involved in a jazz band. It is important to stop fragmenting people and welcoming their entire self into the business world.

Thank your for reading. If you would like to work with Aesha, click here to get to her website.  You can also find her here on Facebook. I also mentioned her creativity love letters. You can subscribe to them here.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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