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Everyone can start a book. You open a word document and start typing. How many of us finish books and publish them, though? Probably only ten percent. I might even overestimate it. How many books have you started but not finished? I have started a few, but I have actually finished five books, two novels, a memoir and two non fiction books. And here are the six secret pillars that I developed over my career as an author and that will help YOU FINISH your book.

Pillar number one: Connect to the energy of you book

The reason I recommend connecting to the energy of your book is that writing the book that you think you should write could lead you to write the wrong book. It happened to me twice and believe me when you realise this 100,000 words into your book, it is no fun to have to shelve it. I share in my podcast episode how this happened to me the first time I started writing in English after a ten year block. This is how I actually birthed the seven golden steps to get started with your book which is now a free challenge that you can sign up for. Click here to join us: we start today but you have until the Friday the 19th of April midnight to join. If you want to watch the first video for the challenge where I walk you through my signature meditation to connect you to the energy of your book, click here.

Pillar number two: Commit to your book

This is golden step number seven of my seven golden step process and it is essential. As I mentioned in the podcast episode, Yoda says “Do or do not, there is no try”. And he is right. Writing a book is like marriage, if you don’t commit, then you are not likely to succeed because there is a honeymoon phase where you get incredibly excited about your book but you will hit moments where you want to argue with your book. If you are not committed, you will give up at the first hurdle.

Pillar number three: Align with your book

As with running business, 50% of the work of an author revolves around mindset. You need to align to your book and work out the kinks. You need to catch the gremlins when they come up. You need to journal. Even best seller authors have gremlins and suffer from the imposter syndrome. Doing this work is crucial for your success.

Pillar number four: Plan your book

What I mean by this is that you need to have a strategy for your book from the start, so that it fits with your business strategy. A plan is not a structure. A plan is much bigger. You need to start planning the marketing of your book half way through your first draft, for example. Most authors think about this when they finish their books which delays the success of their books. And this applies even if you go the traditional publisher’s route as they will ask you to have a platform.

Pillar number five: Create the habits that will support your book writing journey

Every single successful author will tell you that writing takes discipline. And this discipline only happens if you create solid writing habits. If you don’t, this will leave the space for your inner critic to convince you that you should wait. Time is one of the biggest excuse people use to avoid writing the book they know they should write. My belief is that if you have a book idea then now is the time to get on with it. Time is something that you create when you prioritise your book, not the other way round.

Pillar number six: Get the support that you need

There are three ways you can get the support that you need.

  1. You can find a buddy. Then again, be careful who you choose so that they know what they are talking about. I would not recommend asking a relative or someone who has never written a book.
  2. The second option is to sign up for a course. I have my five week Get Started with Your Book coming up on the 29th of April. If you want to secure your spot, click here. It will be run in a Facebook group. The investment is £299. If you want to learn more about the course, click here. There are only ten spots open.
  3. You can work with a book coach. I have one spot open for April, so if you are interested to discuss my VIP package, click here. To learn what it feels like to work with a book coach, the benefits and what it is like to work with me, watch out for next week’s episode on the podcast with Isiah McKimmie. You will be able to find the show notes on this blog or you can listen to the podcast directly in iTunes here.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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