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If you had told me only four years ago that there were business spirit guides, I would have laughed at you and asked you to please leave me alone. But then, a man called Steve Jobs, whose death was mourned by millions of people all over the globe, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be his “human” and if he could be my guide. I freaked out and told him to walk the plank. He waited patiently. He tried again two years later. This time, I was a little more prepared. I had come out of the closet as a psychic although not in my work yet. I had just written a book about the passing of my father and had been contacted by other celebrities. I am not saying it had become my new normal but that’s the closest I can describe it. I still freaked out.

Working with Steve Jobs as my guide has completely changed the way I do business. He asks me to do crazy things. I often argue and curse him. In a way, I think it’s karma since he cursed at so many people whilst on earth. He he he. I sometimes tell him to go to hell. We have fun. One of the things I routinely do with my clients is connect them to their business guides. This is something I am passionate about, because people think guides are for airy fairy healers or light workers who wear long violet skirts and wear so many crystals they are loaded. This is not the case. Guides work with everybody whether they are aware of it or not. I actually believe that the best business people, inventors, artists and actors are people who work with guides and receive incredibly novel and fresh guidance, and ultimately change the world. I have even come to think nowadays that whenever I have a brilliant idea, it is rarely mine but more likely to be a guide.

What are the three main benefits of working with a business guide?

Benefit #1: You get incredible inspiration

Having an incredibly successful business guide in your team means that you get incredibly powerful ideas. I have been shown visions over the ten years I have been in business for myself and for clients that have blown me out of the water. In fact, just this morning, before I wrote this blog, I was having a session with one of my VIPs and I was shown such an exciting vision that I can hardly hold back my excitement. And frankly I see no reason to. I have seen budding directors win oscars before they even plucked the courage to step up into directing. I have seen books being published with phenomenal success. The problem however, is not getting the idea, it’s to follow through and sadly it is only with my VIP clients that I see these visions coming to fruition because frankly they can be scary. They bring up all sorts of mindset gremlins. I love helping my clients through those.

Benefit #2: You are shown short cuts to success

You know how there are a million different ways to do business and how it can get incredibly confusing because so many of them are conflicting… well having a business guide by your side will enable you to know how to do business your way and in a way that feels completely aligned and wonderful. That in itself, is a gift of gold. Not only that, this will also lead you to the shortest and most pleasant route to success. Is it the right time to write that book? Are you supposed to go into public speaking right now? Should you branch out into teaching? All these questions can be answered and the incredible news is that if you work with me, you don’t need to be clairvoyant in order to do that. How, you may ask? I won’t go too much into the detail but I teach my VIPs how to work in the akashic records which means basically entering their heavenly board room meetings with their guides and channeling everything they need to know. It might not even feel that different from what they are doing every day but the results are astounding.

Benefit #3: Your business becomes easy and almost effortless

If you like to wear how much hard work you put into your business as a badge of honour, stop reading here. Working with business guides makes everything much easier on a daily basis because you are shown the shortest path from A to B. Not only that, but you will be shown B1, B2, B3 and you will be able to make an empowered decision as to which route works best for you depending on your priorities. Not only that, but your business guides will bring you the right people through mind blowing synchronicities, a bit the way they brought me everything I needed to self publish my first book back in 2009. And back then I didn’t even know I had business guides. It so happens that the beings that helped with my first book were celestial beings but that is a story for another day.

If you would like to help connecting to your guides within your business, why not join me for my free webinar on the 25th of February. To sign up, click here. And of course, these are the show notes for my podcast, which you can listen to right here below or in iTunes here.

Hope to see you there.

To your success,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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