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What to do when you want to give up and bury your head in the sand? Let’s face it, the entrepreneurial journal has its ups and downs and there are some days we feel like giving up. Suddenly, our old corporate jobs seem very alluring. We tend to forget what made us leave our jobs (if we were in jobs) and only see the positive. Sometimes that’s what we do with old relationships too. It wasn’t that bad.

This is when you want to make sure you dig into your toolbox to remind you of why you are in business, and that’s where my tip #1 comes in.

Tip #1: Remind yourself of your why

Tip #2: Journal your emotions

Tip #3: Get back to your plan

Tip #4: Take some time off

Tip #5: Get help from a trusted professional

Listen to the podcast for more flesh for each of these tips and stories I share from my own experience, but also remember that we have been going through very intense times in the past few months as the energies of the planet have brought a lot of things that needed releasing to the surface. People have been pushed out of their comfort zones and that tends to make them lash out. If you are a sensitive or empathic entrepreneur, this might have caused you to carry some of that stuff for others. It is vital that you learn to recognise what is yours and what is not and to give what is not yours back to others. If you would like help with this, why not book a one to one session with me. Click here to pay.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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