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In today’s podcast episode, I had a sacred conversation with Danielle Gardner of Quiet Marketing about the possibility of increasing the power of what we do in our business to promote ourselves by turning the volume down, or as Danielle explains more eloquently, by un-gating content. When I first heard about Danielle’s approach to marketing, I was intrigued but I need to say also really sceptical. I had been convinced of the need to pull clients to my work by getting them on my email list or my free webinars that it actually took me months to be able to even hear what she had to say. The fearful part of me that had been fed more fear by people selling things was still in that cycle of thinking that i could not afford to do that because I needed clients to come in.

Looking back,  I can see that it was precisely due to the fear that I had been fed for so long that I could not see the wood for the trees. And I wanted to interview Danielle to understand how she had come to the place that she now helps clients from and what journey she had been on. I was delighted to see that she too had been sucked into the script and had no judgment whatsoever about having done it. It is after she went on her own journey to peel off layers of fear that she started to let go of techniques that she did not resonate with.

In our conversation today, I had a few aha moments I wanted to share with you:

  • things will only really work if you market the way that feels aligned to you
  • leads that come from freebies are not always the best leads to get long term well paying clients
  • a strategy that can work just as well is to share about “the world according to (insert your name)” as authentically as you can WITHOUT an agenda so that people warm up to you
  • understanding your human design can make doing business a lot easier for you
  • sharing your content freely (also known as content marketing) is actually an incredibly powerful marketing strategy that will lead your clients to work with you more effectively than trying to keep your secrets for your “tribe”

Danielle explained how she was able to fully subscribe a six month group coaching programme with a list of only 325 emails.

Danielle also shared about her journey with Human Design and how applying the Generator strategy of ‘waiting to respond’ has transformed her business. If you’ve been unclear about what it looks like to create your business ‘in response’ then I can highly recommend her Art of Responding Course.

She also offers an audio where she explains the foundations of quiet marketing at a very reasonable price.

You can find her on facebook here. And below is the web player for the episode.

Thank you for reading.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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