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We are all born intuitive, but as we progress in our schooling, intuition is groomed out of us through the incredible bias the educational system and society at large has towards fact and logic. Even though I honour the fact that walk out of the dark age of superstition was indeed progress, it has left us deprived of the magical power of intuition. In Ange’s world, power comes from marrying logic to magic and one does not have to choose between the two.

In my podcast episode, I talk about the seven ways intuition can come to us, which includes our five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell but also our feelings and sometimes just a sense of knowing. Most people discard intuition for two reasons: (i) Intuition often does not make sense and goes against our logic, and (ii) most of us function from a negative intuition perspective which means we don’t really want to hear intuition that is guarding us against something that we really want to do and that looks great on paper.

The first thing you need to do is to distinguish between the thoughts that come from your mind and the thoughts that come from your intuition. They feel very different. The mind thoughts follow a logical sequence, whereas intuition is random and often happens when we are engaged in activities that get us in the zone: having a shower, driving, gardening and generally any activity that gets us out of our minds.

Intuition in business is the thing that will help you avoid disasters that looked almost too good to be true on paper. But it can also lead you to follow a venture that might seem a bit out of reach or not necessarily the next logical step for your business and that is nevertheless the perfect next step. My podcast is typically one of these inspired ventures. No business coach in their right mind would have recommended to me to create a podcast for my business, and yet I was inspired to create one two years ago and after much resisting, I finally gave in just before Christmas, but not without kicking and screaming. My ego mind is still very strong.

One thing that no intuitive teacher has taught me, however, is that to operate from the energy of the akashic records (click here if you want to learn more about it), actually enables you to access intuition much easier than by training yourself to listen through meditation because the energy of the akashic records supports intuitive information “downloads”. So even if you have no intention to make intuition your core business, learning how to work in the akashic records will enable you to be fully aligned with your business and receive all the information that you need from it intuitively. I mentioned in the podcast the book of Linda Howe on How to read the akashic records because it is a very grounded and thorough book. I cannot, however, recommend enough to learn to do this with a teacher. If you like the way I talk about this, I have at the time of writing this blog (show notes) one VIP spot available for you to learn to work in the records. It’s an eight week process of practical steps that will prepare you to enter the records and function from a higher perspective. Before you can do that, a lot of preparation needs to happen energetically and possibly some healing too. To book a discovery call to discuss my VIP package, click here.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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