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As I lay in my bed after a bad fall last night, I am reminded that we cannot ignore our bodies. Most people, however, believe that illnesses and accidents are an annoying way our bodies remind us of this. I believe that actually our bodies are our friends even in those hard times. If we only learnt to listen to the wisdom of our bodies we could hear the subtle messages that it is trying to give us without having to come to a crisis (illness or accident) to actually get it.

I know that catching my boot in the back of my car and landing on my coccyx last night was no coincidence. I know that my body did this to serve me. I have started to unravel the meaning of this fall and it has taken me back to the first time I fell on my coccyx as a little girl. Then forward to a time where I had to have an operation for an extremely painful pilonidal cyst at the bottom of my spine in the middle of my law exams. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have acquired as a healer with regards to this. It is coming very handy today, as I lie down in excruciating pain. I don’t resist it. I don’t curse it. I know it has come to me today for a reason and I am embracing the process.

I believe that as entrepreneurs we need to look after our physical body. Give it nourishment, movement and generally good self care. I started running in 2009 at 44 years young in an effort to look after this beautiful body of mine. As you know I have also written a book about how to slim without dieting, scales or strenuous exercise, but really it is about healthy living.

All this made me want to share with you a sacred conversation I had with Emma Turton, a medical intuitive, in November 2018. In it, Emma and I talked about:

✨ All things Medical Intuition
Her unique approach to health
What her dominant intuitive ability is (her dominant Clair)
How she manage this intuitive ability in her day to day life
Whether she has always been receiving information from others and how she dealt with that
Why YOU are your own best health practitioner
How to read your own body and symptoms
What happens when we ignore or suppress our symptoms without seeking the message that our body is offering us
A mini-Medical-Intuitive-Reading on Ange’s crushed toe
Ange’s Akashic Records Business Reading on Emma’s work as a Medical Intuitive and the book that Emma is writing

I hope you enjoyed this episode. I would love for you to share any thoughts or aha moments you may have had whilst listening to our sacred conversation.

To your success

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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