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In today’s episode, I continue my interviews with readers of my memoir, as we are now leading up to my launch on Father’s Day of My Father Who Art In Heaven. For readers outside the UK, Father’s Day is on the 16th of June. I believe it is the same date in France and in the UK. I am incredibly grateful to the ladies who have agreed to be interviewed so far. If you have missed my interview with Stephanie Kakris, which was the first of the series, please proceed to my book page for my memoir where you can watch it as a video. You can also listen to it on the podcast.

In today’s interview, Naomi kindly shared what drew her to my book (mostly the title) because her father has been dead for nearly fifteen years and she felt she still had some unresolved issues with him that were affecting her life. She also realised that she needed to continue to heal her mother issues. This is not unusual. A lot of us have these issues and as Naomi herself says, this can affect all areas of our lives, in particular business. Father issues usually affect our relationship to authority and mother issues usually affect our self worth and our ability to nurture ourselves.

It is impossible to separate us from our businesses, no matter how much we want to. Our personal issues bleed into our business lives, even if it at an energetic level, because we do act professionally. It can however, create blocks that drive us crazy such as we reach an income plateau, not attracting the right clients in our business or everything seeming to take so much effort. Business does not have to be hard work. It only is if we have something to prove to the world, and that usually stems from a mother or father wound. In fact, the highest achievers have often had abusive of dysfunctional childhoods. So it is time to heal those wounds and give ourselves permission to live from a place of ease and joy.

You can listen to the episode on the player below or in iTunes.

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