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One of the pillars of my framework to support female entrepreneurs who have big visions is energy (there are three others: visibility, mindset/money and intuition). In the new age world, there are two opposite views when it comes to protecting your energy: those who say you don’t need to because we are all one and those who say that of course you need to and keep on talking about entities, negative energy and more.

I felt the need to do a podcast episode on this topic because first of all, I don’t like camps. But second, I have my own opinion about it and felt that it was worth sharing so that entrepreneurs who want to learn about energy can arm themselves. There are bits of truth in both camps but I will explain why both of them promote a dangerous attitude to protection.

This is not just an exercise in esoterism. There are some incredibly practical aspects to this: trolls and haters. If you are an online entrepreneur, you know that sooner and later, if you embrace being visible, you will be faced with the upsetting attitude of trolls and haters. It is so much easier to do this online. The equivalent in person is to have a go behind your back. And what I know for having being the impersonation of this, is that sensitive entrepreneurs can stop themselves from being visible because they know that those trolls and haters are going to cut through them like a knife into butter when they come haunting them. I did this. I have the t-shirt and I believe that is one reason why I have a voice on the subject.

A few weeks back, I had four trolls highjack one of my facebook lives. If you have known me for a period of time, you already know that it took me years to muster the courage to take a selfie, let alone do a FB live. The trolls that highjacked my FB live took me completely by surprise but I am happy to report that I didn’t curl up in fatal position for days after they left. I actually laughed at what they did and courageously did another FB on my page the following week as planned. How did I do that?

Through inner work. I am not going to lie, it has taken me years, but I am happy to give you a short cut or at least a roadmap to do this. Everything is energy. Trolls and haters do not need to know about energy in order to use YOUR energy to bring you down. It’s instinctive for all human beings, even though only trolls do it. I talked about emotional vampires in a past episode of this podcast. I encourage you to go back and listen to it as I go much more in depth into how they highjack your energy to use it for their own purpose. It is called why business owners need to know about energy vampires. Suffice it to say for the purpose of this week’s episode that the way energy vampires suck your energy is by creating conflict, which then puts you off guard and then they strike. It is called a psychic attack and if you don’t have someone to help you with it, the effect can last for weeks. Again, I have been psychically attacked (more than once). Before I have, I belonged to the camp of the “we are all one” so we don’t need to protect ourselves. And the reason I belonged to that camp is because I refuse to live in fear.

This is why I never wanted to join the camps of the people who consider themselves so sensitive that they have to stay home to avoid negative energy. I don’t resonate with the “empath” label and I have met too many empaths who live in victimhood.

I recommend a two tonged approach to protection:

  1. Protect your energy by being aware of what’s coming at you and learning about energy so you make it work for you instead of it working against you. It’s a bit like the law of gravity and the law of attraction, you can pretend they don’t exist but they will work anyway. The law of energy is the same. Positive energy attracts trolls, but they cannot be attracted to pure positive energy, so if they come your way, it means you have to work on the second tong of my approach.
  2. Do the inner work so you clean your vibration, in short: own your crap and clean it. This means doing journalling, owning your negative emotions and keeping what I call an emotional and energetic hygiene routine.

I help my clients with both visibility and energy to help them reach the next level of success, so if this interest you, I suggest you purchase my Kick Off Your Big Vision package which is a two week package that includes a one hour session and a half hour catch up session at the end of the two weeks with unlimited support in Facebook messenger or WhatsApp in between. The investment is £300 (USD380). Click here to buy.

And if you prefer to hear all this with stories from my own life, head over to the podcast in iTunes, Stitcher or use the player below. Don’t forget to rate the podcast if you have enjoyed and to subscribe if you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode. Have a great day.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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