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As I reflected by on how much I have learned by being visible in FB groups since going online in 2015, I was able to identify the eight most important things to know about FB groups in order to be visible in an efficient manner. Here are the eight things:

Thing #1: Know the difference between a profile, a page and a group

Thing #2: How groups work

Thing #3: Groups are communities

Thing #4: How to pick the right groups to grow your business without losing your sanity

Thing #5: FB groups ethi-quette

Thing #6: Tips to introduce yourself

Thing #7: Facebook group marketing strategy

Thing #8: How to post in an efficient way

If you want more meat for each of these “things”, head over to the podcast and listen to the episode. To find the links, head over to the podcast tab on this website. You can also find the web player for this episode below.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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