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We all have money baggage. I love how Denise Duffield-Thomas explains this so simply. With every new level of prosperity we reach, we will have new money blocks. It’s not something that ever goes away, but that’s not something that should depress us. Awareness is our best help. I had no awareness of my money blocks back when I was a business lawyer. I didn’t realise that I gave away my worth for someone else to assess. It came as a pay check. I always got the same. Sometimes I asked for a pay rise. Think of it, I never asked for one. I just took what I was given.

Branching into the entrepreneurial world changed everything. Suddenly, I had to see my worth to be able to charge it. This was a lot harder than I thought. I suddenly discovered a lot of skeletons in the cupboard from my school days that made me feel unworthy. This started a journey of digging deep into my money beliefs and of course my money blocks. I realised that I had an inner conflict from my ancestry because on one side of my family tree, people had money and on the other side, they didn’t. Of course I always knew that, but I had never understood the implications that this had in terms of money mindset. And so a long journey of working on my money blocks started.

You need to become aware of the money stories that you have been told as a child, which are likely to have sunk into your subconscious like a knife through butter, because at that age we do not have filters. If you do not do the work, you are likely to hit your upper limit and sabotage your prosperity by spending the money as soon as you get it. This is why getting more money is not the solution as it only creates a cycle of accelerating the problem.

The first step is awareness. Then some deep mindset work is needed, which cannot be summed up in a single podcast episode. Our money mindset never depends on how much money we have. I have seen people who had a lot of money being afraid of not having enough in ways that people who are much less fortunate would not understand. One thing is for sure, though, until we nail that money conundrum, we remain its hostage. Freedom does not come from more money. Freedom comes from making friends with it and learning how to be in control, and not let it control us.

In business, it is even more important than in other areas, because managing our money can mean the life or death of our business. As mentioned last week in my interview with Marlene Schmidt, cash flow determines how a start up will survive. Listen to the podcast and if you have any questions, come and find me on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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