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Esther Lemmens came to the podcast to talk about the energy of our brand. We talked about how brands evolve and it’s important to make sure your brand is aligned with your business. A brand is more than graphics. The person who works on your brand needs to understand you. What Esther does powerfully is translate the soul of our businesses. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I actually believe that businesses have souls, so working with Esther has been an amazing experience.

The other aspect of Esther Lemmens’ work is that she likes to work from an existing framework, rather than change everything. She has a very special kind of magic that enhances what is being done with just one or two tweaks. I had the privilege of having one of her interactive sessions to create templates for my business, and I was delighted to see the co-creation and to a certain extent the chemistry that happened between us.

We also talked about colours and how to choose colours that are congruent with the business you are in, from a psychology perspective, but also from an energetic perspective. We linked it to the chakra system. In the interview, we explore three niches and what colours would be the best match for each niche. The harmony between the colours is also important. And if the branding is not harmonic, it can actually stop people from being visible. It can really get in the way, without business owners necessarily realising that it does.

Branding is an ongoing process. It needs to follow our own self development.

We also talked about the three most important elements of your brand:

  1. Colour is more important than logo: your colours are going to help you be recognised instantly and it helps build consistency, which is one element of trust
  2. Logo comes next
  3. Fonts are also important
  4. Images also have mood, temperature… and even energy.

All these elements need to be congruent. This does not mean you have to be the same as people in your industry. It means your brand has to be aligned with your work and your niche. This does mean, though, that until you have a clear niche, branding is not going to cut it.

We also briefly talked about word banks and their power. You can find Esther on Facebook here. Her website is www.zestybranding.co.uk.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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