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In 2009, two years after I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, I magically dissolved a ten year writer’s block. I didn’t realise back then that it was what I learnt in my training that had unblocked me. I started writing a book that had been brewing in me for a long time about spirituality. When I reached 100,000 words, I decided to see a psychic to check the chances of it being published. I had been burnt before, when I pitched my first novel in Paris in 1996.

The psychic told me I was supposed to write another book. A book about slimming. She said it needed to be out in print before Christmas. It was September 2009, and I had never published a book in my life. I left her house feeling dizzy but I followed her advice and this is where the magic happened. I wrote the first draft in a matter of days. The Universe then sent me two clients who happened to be an author and an English teacher. I then attended a training in Emotional Freedom Technique and the trainer had just self published her first book. She gave me the details of her graphic designer and her printer. It all fell into my lap.

A couple of years later, this book signed me an agent in the same remarkable way. I saw a girl who worked as an editor at a publisher post about an agent she was working with, sharing what a pleasure it was. It was like my eyes were drawn to that post and a little voice said “pay attention”. I noted the name of that agent. Googled him. Found his website. And immediately wrote him a note in his “contact me” box to pitch my book. He answered the next day, something he admitted he normally never did. A week later, we were signing an agenting contract.

Compare it to what happened in the nineties. It took me ages to write my novel. It was like getting blood from a stone. When I pitched my book to publishers, I received endless rejection letters and the experience sent me into a ten year writer’s block. I swore to never write another book.

This is the power of manifesting. We are all powerful manifestos but until we learn to use that power, we manifest what we don’t want rather than what we want. If we have a deep belief that it’s impossible to get a book deal (my belief in 1996) then of course, it is hard to get a book deal. This applies to everything but also in business. If you have always worked hard to get success, then it is an energy that will continue to roll, until you change it.

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This is the last episode of #HighVibeMonday. I have decided to take some time off. I will be back with a new podcast in 2021, so if you want to be informed of when the new podcast is launched, click here.

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Have a wonderful week,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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