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How can you trust something that you do not understand? And how do you trust something that none of the people who have influenced you believe is worth using?

 I used to think that intuitive (psychic) people were a selected few – the chosen ones – and that we, mortals, were another category of humans altogether.   

 Through my fifteen year exploration of the world of intuition, I have radically changed that view. I know now that we are all born intuitive and that as little children we access the world of intuition naturally.   

 However, as we progress in our schooling, this intuition gift is switched off because it is never used. Intuition is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, it will weaken until you won’t be able to trust it when you need it. 

 Thankfully, this process can be reversed but it takes alot of dedication and courage. In order for you to understand intuition better, I want to share with you the seven fundamental principles of intuition:   

Principle #1: Intuition and fear are mutually exclusive 

 If you are gripped with fear, you will not be able to access your intuition. Sadly, the media feeds us a daily diet of fear and drama which switches us off our inner wisdom.    

 Principle #2: Everyone receives intuition in a different way 

 There is not one way to receive intuition but multiple ones. Almost all the senses have an intuitive equivalent. But there is more. Empathic individuals have an advantage over others but until they learn how to manage it, it can feel like a curse.  

Principle #3: Intuition whispers whereas fear screams  

In a world where we have the volume turned on loud most of the time, intuition will be hard to hear because there is so much competing noise. We have to learn to turn down the volume in order to receive intuition. And that’s not even taking into account that fear is taking the mike most of the time.  

Principle #4: Intuition comes with a sense of peace 

Even if intuition is “negative”, it will bring with it a sense of peace. This is how you can distinguish it from imagination, fear or thinking. It’s quiet and it feels “good”. You need to have calibrated your intuition though, and this is something that we will explore in my five day free day challenge.  

Principle #5: Intuition asks you to trust before you get proof 

We humans demand guarantees before we act, but intuition will ask you to do just the opposite. It will not give you cookies. You have to trust first, act on your intuition and then you will have the confirmation. It’s a different ball game from the “human game”.  

Principles #6: Intuition is worth nothing without action 

You have to act on intuition for it to have any value. It’s the same as with advice. If you went to your best (wise) friend and asked her for advice, then never acted on it, do you think she would continue to stick around? 

Principle #7: Intuition always takes you out of your comfort zone 

If you want to feel comfortable and not feel challenged, then intuition will challenge you. However, it will also reward with gifts that your comfort zone will never give you.

 If you would like to learn to trust your intuition in only just five days, why not join my free challenge. We start on the 21st of June. Registration closes at 12 pm on Sunday the 21st of June 2020. Click here to join us.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020 

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