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I recently ran my first free challenge about using intuition to make a business decision. In this community, people were able to be themselves. Upon reflection, I realised that I was gifting the participants what I had wished someone would gift me when I was younger.

The challenge was structured in the following way:

  • a task,
  • a post to ask questions and
  • a livestream to answer the questions

This podcast episode, is the recording for day 1 of the challenge on setting your intention for your intuition.

In task 1 of the challenge, I asked the participants to set their intention for their intuition and asked that they write this into their intuition journals by hand. It is powerful to write our intention down by hand in our intuition journal. For me, this step is super important when working with intuition because this is how we control our intuition. Intuition is not a random thing that happens to us. It is something that we receive passively.

Following day one of the challenge, participants asked many powerful questions which I thought would be both fun and informative for my podcast listeners. One of the questions in the challenge was how to define intuition. My definition is that it is a form of intelligence that does not require thinking.

Two of the participants experienced AHA moments early on in the challenge. One shared how she had previously set little bits of intention separately before but had never brought it all together. Another found two things she had lost in her house at different times and different places months ago.

My grandmother was an untrained intuitive. Things came to her randomly. She felt it was more like a curse than a blessing. It was very traumatic for her. Witnessing her battle with intuition, I think is what gave me the idea to set an intention for my intuition. 

For me, setting my intention for my intuition provides me with a certain level of control over it. We can liken intuition to a horse. If we leave our intuition to run wild in our house, it will destroy everything. The mind is similar. If we know what we are doing with it, have set the intent and have the discipline, then it becomes this beautiful creature that completely changes your life. 

I set my intention daily to be a pure channel for God’s divine wisdom, healing and joy and ask to spread that joy to everyone that I encounter.

Click here to sign up for my next free challenge which is scheduled to take place on 21 September 2020.

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