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Now that I have reached 62 episodes, I thought I would share this week my journey through podcasting: how I resisted it, how I never thought I could do it due to my technical limitations, and more. I resisted podcasting for years because my business mentors said it was not for my stage in business, but also because I believed that I did not have enough time. However, what I found out, was that my podcast actually saved me time. I also hated my voice and my face… but I had to overcome all that because my podcast has been created for my clients. It’s not about me.

Do you have a podcast in you? Do you have fears that are holding you back but know that this is the next step in your big vision? Then this episode is for you.

I share the tech side of things by showing you how to keep it simple. You don’t even need a microphone! I never saw that online when I searched how to start a podcast. The very first step is to know your why for creating the podcast. And then to have a theme for it. You need to be laser clear about what your podcast is about, just like a book. I also share all the platforms and software that I use to create my podcast episodes. My process takes a maximum of two hours including the show notes. I also share my secret formula to creating content.

If you need help creating your podcast, I have a kick start your podcast offer. The investment is £300 and I walk you through the process of creating that podcast and hold you accountable for it. We start with a one hour session where we set the foundations of your podcast. Two weeks later, we have a half hour session where we walk through what you implemented. And in between sessions, during those two weeks, you have access to me 24/7 (I do sleep but you get the idea) in messenger so that I can help you with implementing the plan we formulated in the first session. Click here to book your package.

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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