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In the online world, we cannot afford not to be visible. In a way, it’s a lot harder than in the “real” world because there is so much noise. Most people who start a business online would naturally think of booking a photo shoot for their online presence but I believe this is a mistake. By all means book that photoshoot if you want but do not ignore the power of selfies.

Selfies used to be synonymous with vanity. That’s old school thinking. Now that social media have become our normal, selfies are essential to your business strategy. In this episode I share my top tips to create selfies that will make you stand out online. Let’s get started:

Tip #1: Listen to an upbeat song and dance to it before every selfie

This will raise your vibration and make you more relaxed. People can pick up your vibration regardless of whether they know about energy. It’s inbuilt in us for survival.

Tip #2: Give your face a work out

We are so conditioned to smile on camera that we almost always do the same pause. For some it will be a pretty smile. When it comes to one of my sons, it’s sticking out his tongue at me. Regardless of your camera habits, they are not serving you if you go into automatic pilot and always show the same smile and face. Why? It’s static. You really want to explore a whole range of emotions. Those of you who have an acting background will be at an advantage. If you aren’t, there is hope. Just allow yourself to be really silly in front of your camera. Stretch your face. Pull your tongue out. Screw it up. Don’t be afraid to look awful. This is what I call giving yourself a work out. It will work some of its stiffness out.

Tip #3: Play with your camera

There are tips that you can learn from photographers to take good selfies. The top ones are: lighting and angle. If you focus only on that, you will already be ahead of the game. Hold your camera slightly above your face when you take a selfie so you look up. Also, pick a location and do a full 360 turn slowly whilst looking at your camera to see which light flatters you the most. You will be amazed. I had no idea until I practiced this myself.

Tip #4: Play with accessories

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in their selfies is to appear in the same way over and over again. Try to set the scene for your selfie so that it speaks about your business. One of the best selfies I made when I was a transformational book coach was of me holding a pile of notebooks. I also had one where I held a notebook with a pen in my mouth. You want to create selfies that will grab people’s attention online. And we all know how fickle people are and how quick they are to scroll to the next thing.

Tip #5: Carefully select the clothes that you wear

There are clothes and colours that make you look awful and others that will make you look great. This is likely to be different on camera than it is in real life. Learn to dress. It does not mean necessarily wearing suits when you are used to jeans. But it does mean having style and choosing your clothes well so that they embody your brand and create the right impression.

Also take note of the selfies that people do that you like. How could you do something similar that would be aligned with your brand?

We are doing #selfieweek this week (starting 16th of March) in my group. Join here if you would like to apply the tips I gave you in a safe and supportive environment.

To your easy and fulfilling success,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2020

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