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Even though the WHO does not recognise burn out as a medical condition, it needs to be taken seriously. Although it looks a lot like depression: lack of appetite, insomnia, lack of motivation, tearfulness, headaches, a quickness to anger, closed thinking and feeling exhausted, it is different. I believe it is a direct consequence of lack of self care and is very common amongst high achievers.

How does it play up in entrepreneurship? Most of us create a business to work less hours than we did in our day jobs. yet end up working more. We neglect to switch off. There is always one more thing we need to do. In reality there is no end to what needs to be done and we can get sucked into the vortex of busyness rather than business. One small letter that can make a world of difference. We do all the things and we become resentful when they don’t yield the results that we expect.

Burn out is like smoking, when you start seeing the symptoms, it is already too late, so let’s talk prevention. Here are my three tips to prevent burn out:

  1. Have clear boundaries
  2. Self care
  3. A clear plan and strategy

Also know that the more time you have to do a task, the more time it will take. That is Parkinson’s law. So these time boundaries are incredibly important. Assign a duration to each task. Organise your working week with a structure and stick to it. Not rigidly. I am a big advocate for flexibility within structure, but structure is important for creativity.

If you have a big vision and you are afraid to embrace it because you have burnt out before, I have a fabulous package where we will identify what your biggest obstacle is and build strategies you can implement to overcome that obstacle. The investment is £300 (USD300). We start with a one hour session where we clarify your vision, identify the next three steps to start implementing it. Two weeks later, we have a half hour session to see what has happened and how well you have done. In between those two sessions, you have unlimited access to me through messenger. To book your session (I only work with women), click here.

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