Today’s podcast is about vulnerability with regards to visibility in your business. I share my story with vulnerability to inspire you to show up more authentically and vulnerably in your business.

As a recovering perfectionist, I share my struggles and stories around visibility with people. That makes me so much more visible to my listeners. 

Growing up and later in life, I had huge issues around my body image. I used to hate myself physically and would not look at myself in a mirror. In June 2016 I took part in a visibility challenge. It involved showing up on camera. The perfectionist in me wanted everything to be right. There was an endless list of things I needed before I was willing to show up on camera. My ego was hard at work. But I courageously stepped out and have come such a long way in 4 years that people can’t believe it.

As a young girl, I was often bullied in school because I didn’t fit in. I had to wear these bulky glasses that didn’t do much for my self-image and that knocked my confidence. I remember amateur photographs of myself; although I was a beautiful young girl, I believed I was the ugliest girl on the planet.

I travelled with my son last week. He took some pictures of me and sent them to me. It was like a trip down memory lane as I went back to those childhood moments. He was so proud of the pictures he’d taken, but all I could see was someone who was overweight. I hated every picture. The fact that I had seen my soul daughter, who’d lost her extra weight and looked gorgeous on the Saturday didn’t help either. I felt like the last fat person on the planet.

This time is about revisiting things from the past that need clearing and healing. I returned home and decided to do the first eight weeks of the slim soul program starting today. This program is based on the first book I ever wrote called The Journey of the Slim Soul. At the time of writing this book, I’d had a lifetime of self-loathing that spanned generations and I wanted no more of it. One evening I went on my knees and asked the angels to please help me. The next day and the month’s that followed changed my life.

 The seven golden rules of The Journey of the Slim Soul are:

  1. love yourself now
  2. enjoy your body
  3. make friends with hunger
  4. eat mindfully
  5. enjoy your food
  6. visualise yourself thin
  7. chill out

My course is structured around these principals and I invite you to join me as we transform our relationships with food and our bodies. Together, we will embark on this journey of self-love. The doors to the program will close on Friday. The investment is £99. You can sign up here.

This podcast concludes the theme of visibility in your business. Join me next month as we talk about mindset.

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