Intuitive Business Academy

Business people and fluffy unicorns don’t usually speak the same language. You are a busy entrepreneur and you want to learn how to use your intuition to make strategic decisions in your business, but you want to learn from another entrepreneur. If that is you, I am your girl. With a background as an international mergers and acquisition lawyer, I teach intuition in a radically different way than most intuition teachers. For a start, I won’t ask you to meditate, wear crystals or give up on coffee or wine. Is that a relief?

Are you ready to try something different…

For the longest time, you have wondered if you were alone. I hear you. I was just like you. When I worked in the corporate world, I yearned for purpose. I yearned for something bigger than me. I yearned to be able to talk about my unusual experiences and to learn to use my intuition effectively, but there was nothing for me on the market.

Imagine having laser clarity about your business direction and being able to:

Feel like you belong by joining a community of like minded entrepreneurs who have a strong logical (but also open) minds

Learn from me and my business guides everything you need to know about business and about intuition so that you run a business that is profitable and fully aligned with you

Learn to trust your intuition so that you are no longer distracted by shiny objects

Build your confidence and feel more comfortable charging your worth

Get to practice your intuition on a daily basis

Get my eyes on your business through the hot seats

Have all your answers with regards to intuition and spirituality in business answered without having to turn into a fluffy unicorn

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My Intuitive Business Academy is the product of over 15 years of self development and experience as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive.

I have read more books and watched more videos than I can count on intuition and psychic gifts. I have trained with several respected teachers in this area and invested over £10,000 in the process. I have tried things that worked and things that didn’t until I “cracked” what worked for me. Although I don’t claim to have the universal formula, I have a process that works for people who are not clairvoyants or clairaudients and who have no desire to become that. People like you and me. People who have a strong logical mind.

What You Get Each Month

What you get each month

A training that will help make running your business easier and smoother

Two hot seats where you get my eyes on you

A live card reading that tells you what you need to focus in your business

A live Q&A – ask me anything

Access to all the past trainings

A community of like minded high vibe and authentic entrepreneurs

Every month has a theme: July is about Business Spirit Guides

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All it takes is that one moment, when you finally get that insight you have been longing for. It happened for me during the February training ‘How to use your intuition to niche’. As Ange went deeper into what do to and why, it came to me. It literally unleashed something deep within. Something I had known but had chosen to ignore. I knew I had been skirting around this ever since Ange had mentioned it in our time together months ago. But I still didn’t act on my intuition. But this time I did. This gave me the nudge I needed. Thank you. xx

Confidence mentor at Unfold Your Freedom

There is nothing quite like it on the market.

Make sure you read the course agreement before you pay. Here is the link to download it.

The programme for 2021

January: How to use tarot cards to access your intuition

February: Using intuition to nail your niche

March: Creating an offer that feels right

April: Look after your energy as a heart centred entrepreneur

May: How to manifest the perfect clients

June: Mid-year planning with intuition

July: Connecting with your business guide

August: Connecting with your protector guide

September: Tapping into the flow in your work

October: How to know when ego is running your business

November: Manifesting the right opportunities

December: Planning in the business akashic records

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Bonus training: how to use tarot cards to plan 2021

Katerina Estrella


Ange has a beautiful and gentle energy. She has shared amazing tools, intuitively, precisely and practically. She thinks things through and follows through. She makes the complex simple and understandable and inspiring. I love her honesty, clarity, openness and down-to-earth inclusivity. I could listen to her all day. How lucky are her kids to get her all day every day? I really relate to her journey and her courage and wisdom.


The doors to the Intuitive Business Academy are closed.

Make sure you read the course agreement before you pay. Here is the link to download it.