Business Intuition Podcast

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The Business Intuition Podcast is launching on the 14th of June 2021

I am excited to bring to you my brand new podcast which will inspire and help you use your intuitive intelligence so that you create a business that fulfils you and finally experience the success that you deserve by:

  • getting inspired by your business
  • connect to the energy of your business so that it guides you
  • resisting the shiny object syndrome
  • getting on top of your imposter syndrome
  • finally make decisions with ease and grace
  • implementing the strategy that is right for your and your business
  • avoid time wasters and fake business gurus
  • setting healthy boundaries in your business
  • connect to some awesome business guides that will do half the leg work for you

How can you help?

The first eight days of a podcast launch are the most critical in order to get maximum reach. It's in that window of time that a podcast can be noticed by Apple and featured in the new and noteworthy category. That's what I want for my podcast because I am creating a REVOLUTION in business with intuition!!!

This means that it's critical that I have as many people as possible subscribe to the podcast on the day it is launched and on the following seven days.

However, the way podcasts are listed, you never know what day your podcast is going to go live. And that is why, I need you to sign up for my podcast launch newsletter so that I can send you an email when it goes live.

What is going to happen?

I am organising the biggest launch party ever!!! It will actually start in my group on Monday the 7th of June 2021. We will be playing a manifesting game every day.

On the 14th of June, I will have a launch party at 7 am UK time where I will announce the program for the week and each of my guests. I intend to livestream this party on my page, on my YouTube channel and in my group.

This will kick start a week of exciting opportunities to win prizes for people who:

  • Subscribe to my podcast
  • Listen to the episodes (until the end of each one)
  • Write a review
  • Rate the podcast

On the day my podcast goes live, four episodes will be released: the trailer, an episode on how to recognise the signs from the Universe, an episode on what if businesses had souls as well as an interview with Anna Parker-Naples, an influencer in the podcast community. Anna has a remarkable story of how she went from being disabled to walking down the red carpet to receive an award in Hollywood for her voice acting career and the aha moment she had whilst she was blinded by the flashes of photographers. You do not want to miss it.

What's in it for you?

Here is a list of the prizes that I will be offering each day. To have a chance to win the prize of the day, you must be signed up to my newsletter and complete the four tasks described above: subscribe, listen, review and rate. For bonus points, share the podcast episode you like the most on social media and tag me.

List of prizes:

  • My get started with your book self study course that has enabled dozens of entrepreneurs start and FINISH their books
  • My prosperity booster self study course that has enabled the ladies that took part to manifest thousands of pounds, cars, houses and more
  • My Tarot for Business course which will teach you how to use a tarot deck to make decisions in business without having to learn the meaning of each of the cards or become a tarot reader
  • My energy intelligence for sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs self study course
  • My first eight weeks of the slim soul for female entrepreneurs who want to heal their relationship to food and their body image so they can be more visible in their businesses
  • A half hour session in the Business Akashic Records with me (click here to watch what I can achieve in fifteen minutes in the records)
  • a free month in my Business Intuition Academy for two lucky female winners