Do you suffer from an upper limit problem?

First of all, what is an upper limit? It is a sort of glass ceiling that our subconscious creates with regards to our capacity for success and abundance (it can be love too). This upper limit is created by the beliefs you have shaped from either your life experience or inherited from people around you (parents, mentors, peers). Gay Hendrix talks about it eloquently in his book the Big Leap.

The underlying premise of the Big Leap is that we had a limited capacity for success. The very first step is awareness. Does this sound familiar to you: you achieve something in your job or your business, in the following days (or maybe even hours) you have an argument with your spouse, someone scratches your car, one of your kids get hurt or you get the flu. And this happens almost every single time. You don’t relate it to your upper limit because you are not aware that you create your reality even things that look like accidents or things that other people do. But you don’t need to believe it. If success in your life, equals to crisis (whether you create it or someone else does): then be aware that this is your upper limit switch has been tripped. And you need to take responsibility for it. This doesn’t mean you are to blame. Just that you need to change something in your mindset to change the pattern.

Most of us are in denial of our upper limit. I certainly was and still am to a certain degree. When back in March, my coach asked me if the car accident was an upper limit problem, I was quick to say no. Why was I so quick to say no? Because my ego wants my upper limit to stay where it is to keep me safe. It will do anything to stop me from growing especially if it means getting out of my comfort zone. A beautiful spiritual coach that I know calls it “addiction to drama”.

What are the four most common upper limits issues? Feeling flawed, fear of betrayal, fear that success is going to be a burden and fear of outshining others. If you identify with one or all of these limits, it’s time to get working. You need to increase your capacity for love, success and prosperity. This involves learning how to reduce the amount of time you spend worrying. This also involves going on a criticism and blame diet. And finally tackling your fear of failure.

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