Energy intelligence is a must for ambitious sensitive entrepreneurs

Energy intelligence is not taught in business schools, yet I believe that it should. As Einstein put it “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help to get that reality.” Quantum physics explains to us that particles are energy but so is the space between them. We are all made of energy, as is everything around us. What does this mean? We don’t just see, hear, smell, taste or touch things and people in our world, we also feel them.

As children, we knew about people before they opened their mouths. Very often, what they said did not match what we felt in their energy. Fast forward to high school, and by then our energy intelligence has been switched off because we have been trained to believe what people say rather than what they feel like. Our gut feeling is now dimmed to its most basic level. People can start to fool us.

It’s not just about that. Some people use other people’s energy and they don’t need to know how it works to do this. Think of difficult people in your life or trolls on social media. How much do they affect you? How you can’t help thinking about them even when they are not here. There is a reason for this. They have hooked into your energy. And they don’t even know it, but they are living on your energy credit, for free. Not learning about energy is costing you your vitality. You can drink as many green juices as you can, and exercise until the cows come home, your energy levels won’t be functional if you have energy vampires in your life. The reality is that doing all the healthy things will feel really hard and you are likely to fall off the wagon regularly. You will blame yourself for not having enough willpower, but you will be mistaken. This could be fixed very easily with a little energy intelligence.

Energy intelligence is even more important for sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs. If you want to learn about the science behind it, watch this video by Elaine Aron, author of the Highly Sensitive Person. Make sure you sign up for my challenge first.

Energy intelligence is vital for business success. Your posts are energy. Your clients are energy. Your marketing is energy. Your brand is energy, as we explored in last week’s podcast episode. And your business is energy. It all needs to be aligned for you to reach your full potential. I am launching my brand new 5 days to energy without coffee challenge, starting on the 24th of May. Sign up before the 22nd to make sure you get in. In five days, I will teach you the basics that you need to go from needing coffee to go through your day, to not needing it anymore. Here is a link to book yourself. See you on the 24th.

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