How to leverage the energy of your business

Every business has a specific energy of its own and like all of us has a blueprint in the energetic world before it was actually created by a specific entrepreneur.

Have you ever looked at someone else’s business and thought that was my idea? Well, it probably was. When we don’t heed its call, the business will find a suitable person to start bringing its blueprint to fruition.

When you connect with your business on an energetic level you will find yourself:

1.      Being more aligned its purpose and energy
2.      Feeling more inspired and energized
3.      In a partnership, rather than feeling like you’re doing it alone
4.      Following the lead of your business
5.      Feeling more fulfilled than you ever have

Here are a few ways that you can spot when you’re disconnected from the energy of your business?

1.      Everything feels difficult
2.      You’re overthinking things
3.      You’re feeling tired, uninspired and stressed

You can connect with the energy of your business by going on a Virtual Coffee date with your business. You can take a notebook along and ask your business the 5 questions that I share on the podcast.

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