How to use your intuition to niche in business

how to use your intuition to niche in business

Niching is one of the hardest thing I have had to do as an entrepreneur. I wanted to help everyone because I knew I could. Does that resonate? What I didn’t know was that using my intuition would give me the best results with niching. But how do you do use your intuition to niche?

Before I knew that intuition was the key to a niche that worked for me, I went down the path of using other people’s process to niche and I ended up with a niche that sounded good but that didn’t light me up. I went round and round in circles and got confused.

The best results I had with niching came from using my intuition rather than my intellectual mind. Through trial and error, I have come to a five step process to using intuition for defining a business niche:

Step 1 – Connect to your heart space

True, heart and business are not usually associated but believe me, if you don’t work with clients that you love, you will soon dread Mondays, the way you dreaded Mondays when you were in a job. That’s not the reason you created your own business. You are in to follow your passion. What clients ignite your passion?

Step 2 – Spend 5-10 minute in silence after asking your heart what niche you should focus on

Place your hand on your heart and focus on your ideal client. At this stage, don’t try to define her. Just connect heart to heart. Imagine that your hand is igniting your heart energy and that a beam of light is not connecting you to your ideal client.

Step 3 – Let it go

Now that you have completed steps 1 and 2, if you don’t have yet an answer from your intuition, let it go. Get up and go engage in something completely different. Trust that the answer is already on its way and that there is nothing more to do.

Step 4 – Pay attention to signs

Your next job is to pay attention. What is the world around you talking about? What do you hear that relates to your question? Has an old client of yours popped up on your LinkedIn or FB feed? Does she feel like your ideal client? That’s your answer. Or it might come from a conversation overheard in public transport, or a video that FB is showing you.

Step 5 – Reach out for help

If you still don’t have your answer after step 4, or if you are not sure what the answer is, it’s ok to reach out for help. No one has taught us how to use our intuition in school or at University. It may take some time before you get answers because your “intuitive satnav” has been switched off. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. You wouldn’t get annoyed at a toddler for falling down after her first attempt at walking, would you?

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