The world has evolved. We have had the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution. Experts claim that the next revolution is going to be the Artificial Intelligence Revolution. I disagree. The next Revolution will be Intuition. I am on a mission to empower thousands of entrepreneurs start that revolution so that we can kick the hustle and unsustainable business to the curb once and for all.


Welcome to my podcast page. In December 2018 I launched my podcast called #HighVibeMonday for my younger self. When I was in the corporate world, I craved inspiration and a sense of there being a bigger picture for my life, but I had no one to really inspire me to find what it was. You will find a list of my episodes with a brief summary of each. However, to listen to the episodes, I suggest you go to iTunes or Stitcher and listen directly there. If you enjoy it, please be kind and leave a rating and a review. This will enable people to discover and for more people to be inspired to a happier more fulfilling life. The show notes for the podcast can be found as blog posts on this site.

Episode 88 – How to manifest anything in your business 

Episode 87 – Business and politics

Episode 86 – Vulnerability and visibility in business

Episode 85 – The invisibility cloak in business

Episode 84 – Beauty and Business

Episode 83 – Brand Talk With Julie Gibbons

Episode 82 – A taste of my intuition challenge

Episode 81 – Q&A on intuition

Episode 80 – How to trust your intuition

Episode 79 – Using intuition to niche

Episode 78 – The mystery of intuition

Episode 77 – How to leverage the energy of your business

Episode 76 – Twelve tips to turn your sensitivity into a superpower in your business

Episode 75 – The ABC of energy intelligence for empathic and ambitious entrepreneurs

Episode 74 – The energetics of your brand with Esther Lemmens

Episode 73 – The four steps to change your money-time scarcity mentality

Episode 72 – How not to sabotage your business through your fear of missing out

Episode 71 – How to clear money baggage

Episode 70 – Top three tips to avoid getting into financial trouble

Episode 69 – Eight things you need to know about being visible in FB groups

Episode 68 – Top twelve tips to go live on FB

Episode 67 – The Power of Selfies in Business

Episode 66 – Running a profitable challenge

Episode 65 – Intellectual property for entrepreneurs

Episode 64 – Do I need to protect my energy?

Episode 63 – Start your business podcast now

Episode 62 – Preventing burn out

Episode 61 – Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Episode 60 – There is never enough time

Episode 59 – Do you suffer from an upper limit problem?

Episode 58 – LIfe in the vortex, is it for you and your business?

Episode 57 – Have fun planning 2020 with Heather Robinson

Episode 56 – How a kinesiologist can help in your business

Episode 55 – Are you a business mystic

Episode 54 – The four steps to trusting your intuition

Episode 53 – How little launches can supercharge your business

Episode 52 – How intuition can make your business remarkable

Episode 51 – Emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs

Episode 50 – The Power of your Beliefs

Episode 49 – Birthday give away around self love

Episode 48 – Five steps to reclaim your energy with Feng Shui

Episode 47 – My top 12 tips to run a successful business on FB

Episode 46 – How to overcome your visibility blocks

Episode 45 – The six steps to making your big vision a reality

Episode 44 – How can coaching help in your business with Stephanie Kakris

Episode 43 – The five minute meditator

Episode 42 – Why every business owner should learn how to channel

Episode 41 – How to get inspiration in business

Episode 40 – Using the power of our voice in our business with Dominique Oyston

Episode 39 – How do psychic readings work

Episode 38 – What to do when you want to give up

Episode 37 – Why intuition gets a bad rap in business

Episode 36 – The benefits of planning with Heather Robinson

Episode 35 – Five steps to soulful marketing

Episode 34 – My top tips for empathic entrepreneurs

Episode 33 – How to create the perfect business with the law of attraction

Episode 32 – What to do when fears come up in your business

Episode 31 – The impact of trauma in your business with Anita Kaiser

Episode 30 – It’s your business

Episode 29 – Memoir interview with Chantal Vanderhaeghen

Episode 28 – Interview with Joy Fairhall about my memoir

Episode 27 – How important is a book cover?

Episode 26 – Interview with Naomi Sturrock-Whitehead about my memoir

Episode 25 – Why knowing what memoir is should matter to business owners

Episode 24 – Interview with Stephanie Kakris about my memoir

Episode 23 – Business is different for mums

Episode 22 – The six surprising benefits of writing a memoir for your business with Isiah McKimmie

Episode 21 – The six secret pillars of what it takes to write a book

Episode 20 – The Seven Golden Steps to Getting Started with Your Book

Episode 19 – Writing  a book to build your business

Episode 18 – Sacred conversation with Danielle Gardner about Quiet Marketing

Episode 17 – Your body matters in business, a sacred conversation with Emma Turton

Episode 16 – How Business akashic records can help cut the noise in your business

Episode 15 – What every business owner should know about energy vampires

Episode 14 – The Five benefits of having a creative outlet as a business owner

Episode 13 – Why you need to learn about the seven shades of intuition

Episode 12 – Three top benefits of working with a business guide

Episode 11 – How to be High Vibe regarldess of circumstances

Episode 10 – How circles will change the world with Mitle Southey of Circle School

Episode 9 – How to get yourself on camera before you feel ready

Episode 8 – Top five reasons why women hold onto weight

Episode 7 – How the akashic records can help make your slimming journey easier

Episode 6 – Interview with Suzanne Culberg of Health without shame

Episode 5 – Slimming as a path to awakening

Episode 4 – What if businesses had souls?

Episode 3 – Signs from the Universe

Episode 2 – Journalling for success

Episode 1 – Introduction

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