Privacy Policy 

Privacy is important. No one wants their precious information stored in someone’s computer, system or third parties websites without some safeguards. This privacy policy is work in progress. I am working towards compliance to GDPR but I hope you will understand that for a small business like me, this is a hugely time consuming task that takes me away from my business. I will do it consistently over the coming weeks so feel free to check this page again to see if any new information has been added.

I do not store your information electronically on my computer knowingly except for the recordings of sessions in zoom (see paragraph below). 

At this point in my business, the data I process is minimal. I don’t work with big numbers. My business is a niche business that works with a small number of VIP clients and again, a relatively small number of online clients through courses. I don’t keep electronic files with information about my clients. I am not systemised yet and do not see the need to be as I work for a very narrow niche of clients. If this was to change, I would update my privacy policy. Because of that, I am not registered as a data controller. And I have no wish to be. I do take notes about sessions to be able to remember what we talked about and ensure my clients progress towards their goals but these notes are not detailed and I am the only person who has access to this notebook as I work from home. 

I offer recordings of sessions through zoom. My default settings on my Zoom account are that all sessions be recorded from the moment they start. This is an option I have ticked because I have forgotten on two occasions to record a session and clients were disappointed. The recordings of sessions is saved onto my computer (not on a third party platform), which is password protected. They do not have the name of my clients on them, only the date and time of the appointment. Only people who have access to my diary and my computer would be able to find which recording applies to which client. At the time of writing this policy, the only person who has access to both is me. If you do not wish for a session to be recorded in zoom, please let me know at the beginning of the session. 

The only information that I process myself (well technically I don’t but I access it) is the information you submit when you sign up for my newsletter, which is managed by my mailing provider (Mailchimp) and when you purchase a product (that goes through PayPal). There is also the information gathered through my site by WordPress, my website provider, my hosting company (SiteGround) which uses cookies and Google. All these companies will GDPR compliant by the 25th of May 2018. I am in the process of assessing if I need to sign specific agreements with some of these companies to ensure high standard of processing your data on their platform. This will take time. Again, come back here to check where I am at in a couple of weeks. 

Please understand that for us sole business owners, there are many moving parts to running a business. The amount of work that the GDPR has created on my own business takes me away from client work and I have to balance how much time I spend on legalities and business to make sure my business stays alive. So I am probably not perfectly compliant with GDPR but I am working towards it, and I believe the spirit of the GDPR is that for small business owners like me, that is good enough. I hope you will be understanding. 

In May 2018, I did an audit of my mailing list to establish who has given consent to receive my newsletter. Anyone who did not renew their consent was removed from it. If you want to receive my newsletter again, come back to this website and sign up again. You can do that through the pop up that should have come up whilst you browsed this website or you can go to my welcome page and scroll down to the bottom. 

You have the right under GDPR to ask me to let you know what data I hold about you. If we already have a client relationship, please contact me by our usual means of communications. If not, use the form on this website but don’t forget to explain clearly why you are contacting me and give me enough information to be able to identify you. 

If you are not happy with any aspect of how I collect your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues ( I would be immensely grateful if you could contact me first so that I can try to resolve it for you. Click here to go to the contact me page to send me a message. Please try not to be aggressive. I am a human being like you and I deserve respect as much as you do. I should hope that we can both act in a civilised way. It is easy to forget that you have signed up for a newsletter if you never open it. I do not add anyone to my newsletter manually so if your data is in my possession, it is more than likely that you have actively signed up for my newsletter in person or online, even if you do not remember it. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Ange de Lumiere, Spiritual Lawyer and Intuitive Business Strategist

This policy was last updated on the 1st of October 2018