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When I started meditating twenty years ago, the only options were methods that came from the spiritual world and which frankly did not work terribly well for me. I have a strong mind that refuses to stop thinking. I also don’t have one hour to dedicate every day to meditation before I start my day. I have four kids (two still at home) and I home educate them too. How do I find one hour? And if I look for that hour, isn’t that a way for my inner saboteur to stop me from meditating? This is the reason why I have looked for other ways to quiet my mind and come with the five minute meditation concept which I talk about in my podcast episode.

In fact, looking back, I invented the concept for myself because I needed it so badly. Back then, I sat at my desk for hours in my corporate job, then came home to a child that got all my attention and when he went to bed, I had to catch up on the chores in the house. Time to meditate? Not really. So I came up with this hack: I posted a picture of a Thai beach near my computer screen at work and took mini breaks throughout the day looking at it. It did wonders for my concentration and my well being.

If you want to learn more about my story and how meditation can be used in business, listen to today’s episode on what to do to leverage meditation in your business without going on a silent retreat, although I am sure they are lots of fun. In fact, I remember in my lawyer’s days sitting at a formal dinner next to a Thai minister who shared with me that he went on a week silent retreat once a year. Thinking back, he was probably my inspiration to build spirituality into my business. And you can do that too.

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