The four steps to change your time-money scarcity mentality

We are concluding the theme of prosperity on the podcast with an episode on how tying money and time keeps you in a poverty consciousness and how to change that. I then invite you to identify which of these two aspects you are entertaining a lack mentality: time or money? Or if you are really unlucky, both.

What you need to understand though is that this poverty mentality does not depend on how much money and time you really have. I know very rich people who are constantly afraid of losing what they have and who never seem to have enough. Just as I know not as well off people who feel incredibly abundant. So let aside how much time and money you really have, and dig into your beliefs. Do some detective work and go back into your past to identify the people who had the most influence on you. What did they say about money? What did they say about time? But even more revealing, what beliefs did they demonstrate?

Once you have a list of juicy unhelpful beliefs, there are four different methods you can use to clear those beliefs:

Method 1: clinical hypnotherapy

Method 2: Affirmations and Afformations

Method 3: Gather evidence to support your new beliefs

Method 4: Act as if – ask richer you (richer in time or money) what she would choose to do in those circumstances

And if you combine all four, you are set for easy and effortless success. Decide which one you are going to focus on right now and come and share in my group Ange’s Fabulous Big Vision Incubator.

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