Why every business owner should learn how to channel

Channeling is not a subject discussed amongst business people and I am here to change this. I come from the business world and I went out there to talk and train with the new age people and believe me, you want what they have in your business. It’s not at all this woolly unpractical thing that you believe it is. Channel has many practical implications that will supercharge your business. And there are two main areas where it does miracles: public speaking and writing (blogs or books).

So what exactly is channeling? In my words, it is opening your mind to receiving ideas from infinite intelligence. Channeling has evolved. It is no longer reserved for mediums who roll their eyes and do “voices”. As for myself, when I trained in channeling, I realised I had channeled all my life from when I was a child. Listen to the podcast episode to hear the stories of how this happened to me. The third area where channeling is incredibly powerful is in problem solving.

There are three steps to follow to channel:

  • Step 1 – Set your intent
  • Step 2 – Relax
  • Step 3 – Switch your mind off so that ideas can come to you without thinking

I channeled the first business book I wrote and it signed me an agent. It was also written in less than four weeks and published two weeks later. Channeling can make things so easy but also help manifest things a lot faster than when we work with our minds. If you want to learn more about this amazing process, listen to the podcast on the player below or go to iTunes. This is also a process I love to teach my clients in one to one sessions, so feel free to book an introductory session with me here.

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